Here you will find a wide range of examples of architecture that creates social, environmental and economic value. The projects come from all over Denmark and reflect the many ways in which our houses, buildings, public and urban spaces are instrumental in creating better surroundings for our lives. You will find examples of residential homes, schools, offices, urban spaces and kindergartens. Large and small buildings. Urban spaces and landscapes. Some are well-known – or perhaps semi-known buildings, but the majority are simply examples of good architecture that is conducive to quality of life and makes a difference for people.

We have also collected a selection of the examples in this publication

Photo of The Danish Nature Agency’s official residence in Thy

The Danish Nature Agency’s official residence in Thy

Near the scenic town of Klitmøller in Thy lies the Nature Agency's official residence.
Photo of Villa Arrondi

Villa Arrondi

On a slope between the sea and the forest lies the sculptural Villa Arrondi
Photo of Villa Wood

Villa Wood

Traditional and modern techniques are mixed to create a uniquely adapted and climate-friendly family house.
Photo of The Circular House

The Circular House

At Sydals you will find a circular summerhouse on a circular plot
Photo of old fisherman’s house

Transformation of an old fisherman’s house

By the coastline in Espergærde, North Zealand lies an old fisherman's house from 1898.
Photo of Alfred's House

Alfreds House

The house's architectural preservation value won out, and the house has undergone a successful renovation
Photo of summer house in Asserbo

Summer house in Asserbo

On a hilltop in Asserbo lies a small wooden house from 2021
Photo of Villa Straa

Villa Straa

Near the coast just south of Aarhus lies a unconventional house.
Photo of standard house

Transformation of standard house

An interesting townhouse on Amager in Copenhagen builds on top of an existing standard house
Photo of Stærmose Villa

Transformation of Stærmose Villa

With the latest renovation of Stærmose Villa, energy optimization became an important design parameter
Photo of Musholm


Musholm is recognized as the world's most accessible holiday center for people with disabilities.
Photo of Tømmergården


The wooden building Tømmergården is a energy-friendly social housing
Photo of Næste Skur

Tomsgårdsvej — The Courtyard of the Future

In a courtyard in Copenhagen, there are three sheds built from recycled wood and unsorted materials.
Erlev School, Arkitema

Erlev School

With Erlev School, the vision was to create something completely different from what we know.
Grønnegården Children’s House, BBP Arkitekter and Thing Brandt Landskab

Grønnegården Children’s House

In Søborg, the old Grønnegård from the 1800s has been given the elegant company of a new children's house.
Eventyrhaven, NOVA5


Eventyrhaven creates a safe environment for children in the nursery and kindergarten with space for play.
Netto Bygholm Bakker, C.F. Møller Architects

Netto Bygholm Bakker

In 2020, Bygholm Bakker in Horsens got a very special Netto supermarket.
Knudrisrækkerne, Sweco og Vega


A new residential building with a five-story wooden structure is now Aarhus' tallest wooden public housing.
House built of wood in Tisvilde, OS Arkitekter

House built of wood in Tisvilde

In the middle of tall trees and wild grass lies a beautiful summer house in Tisvilde.
The Future of Sustainable Social Housing, Dissing + Weitling

The Future of Sustainable Social Housing

At Seest in Kolding, modern, a wooden built social housing building is gathered in small clusters.
Photo of Brønshøj Parish House

Brønshøj Parish House

Brønshøj's old church from 1186 has a new neighbour.
Horbelev Kulturgård, Werk arkitekter

Horbelev Kulturgård

In Horbelev, the town's old primary school has been joined by a new circular wooden building.
Myretuen, Leth & Gori


In Randers lies Myretuen; a small wooden building with great value for the local community.
Photo of Sønderborg c

Sønderborg Multicultural House

The new cultural centre is an architectural link between the old town centre and the modern harbour district.
Foto af det gamle kirketårn

Læsø Kur

Tradition meets innovation in the transformation of Vesterø Harbour Church into a spa and wellness centre.
Photo of facade

Samuel's House

An old church is transformed into modern public housing.
Photo of facade

Koch's Courthouse

In Store Heddinge, the old Courthouse has had its architectural dignity restored.
Photo of the Malt Factory

The Malt Factory

Local enthusiasts have injected new life into the old malt factory.
Photo of facade


In Copenhagen, the drawing school for women has been transformed into a women’s crisis centre.
Photo of facade

The Elephant House

An old chapel building has been transformed into a social meeting place for men with cancer.
Photo of facade


At Grønnessegaard a listed cowshed and a barn have been given new life.
Photo of the facade

Hotel Ottilia

Historical buildings in the Carlsberg City District have been through an impressive transformation.
Photo of the facade


cA calm environment for women at a difficult time in their lives.
Maglehøj by Mangor & Nagel


The combination of physical effort, demolition and a social housing effort has created a safe Maglehøj.
Ny Bytoften. Photo: TNT Arkitekter

Ny Bytoften

Ny Bytoften is designed with a special focus on sustainability, without residents having to pay extra.


A renovation in Sønderparken has resulted in that the crime in the area has dropped by 50%.
Sundparken. Photo: Jørgen True


The housing association Sundparken has been transformed into a modern family-friendly townhouse building.
Toftebo. Photo: Bjerg Arkitektur


The renovation of Toftebo focuses on reducing the buildings' energy costs and improving the indoor climate.
Østre Hougvej by AI Arkitekter og Ingeniører

Østre Hougvej

The new homes at Østre Hougvej is an example of how architecture can create changes.
Stadionkvarteret by JJW Arkitekter. Photo: Claus Bruun Kofoed


Accessibility and diversity in Stadionkvarteret
Byager Vænge.

Byager Vænge

Byager Vænge has undergone an extensive transformation.
Rosenhøj. Photo: EFFEKT

Nyt Rosenhøj

It has succeeded to improve Rosenhøj both financially, environmentally and socially.
Gellerupparken by Vandkunsten og Transform. Photo: Helene Høyer Mikkelsen.

Gellerupparken Block B4

Renovation rather than demolition in Gellerupparken protects the climate.
Trigeparken by RUBOW arkitekter, Photo: RUBOW arkitekter


Trigeparken, which is from 1980-1981, was so rundown in every way before the renovation.
Løget By Pluskontoret, Photo: Pluskontoret Arkitekter

Løget By

A radical urban renewal of Løget By has resulted in strong social housing efforts.
Photo of Taasinge Square by GHB Landscape Architects. Photo credit: Steven Achiam

Taasinge Square

A world-class climate adaptation project is located at Østerbro, Copenhagen.
Photo of Housing on Lisbjerg Hill by Vandkunsten Architects. Photo credit: Helene Høyer Mikkelsen

Housing on Lisbjerg Hill

A modern wooden construction that shows the way when it comes to climate-friendly public housing.
Photo of Novo Nordisk Nature Park by SLA Architects. Photo credit: Torben Petersen

Novo Nordisk Nature Park

Lush nature, insects and dead trees adorn one of Denmark's most successful companies.
Photo of Climate Change Adaptation, Kokkedal by Schønherr. Photo credit: Carsten Ingemann

Climate Change Adaptation, Kokkedal

In Kokkedal, climate adaptation and urban renewal go hand-in-hand.
Photo of The Climate Tile by THIRD NATURE. Photo credit: THIRD NATURE

The Climate Tile

A pavement system for collecting and recycling rainfall for rain to be used as a positive resource.
Photo of Upcycle Studios by Lendager Group. Photo credit: Rasmus Hjortshøj

Upcycle Studios

The success of Upcycle Studios spearheads the industry towards sustainability.
Photo of Ryesgade 25 by Krydsrum Arkitekter. Photo credit: Dorte Krogh

Ryesgade 25

At Nørrebro, you’ll find Denmark’s first DGNB-certified full-scale renovation.
Photo of Grindsted School by Pluskontoret. Photo credit: Jesper Balleby

Grindsted School

The pupils at Grindsted School know where and how they best learn.
Photo of Ørestad School by KHR Architecture. Photo credit: Kontraframe

Ørestad School

Educational designs frame pupil life at Ørestad School.
Photo of Vestegnen Hf & VUC by H+ Architects. Photo credit: Tim B. Wahlfried

Vestegnen HF & VUC

An adult-education learning environment sets the scene for a joint upper-secondary school in Rødovre.
Photo of Glasir College, Thorshavn by BIG and Fuglark. Photo credit: Rasmus Hjortshøj

Glasir College

The largest educational institution on the Faroe Islands makes it attractive to stay on the island.
Photo of Kalvebod Fælled School by Lundgaard & Tranberg Architects, JJW and BOGL Landscape Architects. Photo credit: Anders Sune Berg

Kalvebod Fælled School

Kalvebod Fælled School is a public school with a profile in sports and movement.
Photo of Campus Bornholm by CUBO and NOVA5. Photo credit: Martin Schubert

Campus Bornholm

Campus Bornholm in Rønne will secure the island going forward by to combine the education into one.
Photo of Skovbakke School by CEBRA Architecture. Photo credit: Adam Mørk

Skovbakke School

A special relationship with nature and a focus on ‘zones’ have resulted in a flexible learning environment.
Photo of Frederiksbjerg School by Henning Larsen, gpp Architects and Møller Grønborg. Photo credit: Huffton Crow

Frederiksbjerg School

At Frederiksbjerg School, movement and motor skills are an integral part of students' daily lives.
Photo of Copenhagen International School by C.F. Møller Architects. Photo credit: Adam Mørk

Copenhagen International School

In Nordhavn, the school's students are being educated for a global future with a focus on sustainability.
Photo of New Rosenhøj by EFFEKT Architects and Arkitema Architects. Photo Credit: EFFEKT

New Rosenhøj

Revitalisation of the former vulnerable neighbourhood gives the residents a boost.
Photo of Toftebo by BJERG Architecture. Photo credit: BJERG Architecture

Toftebo Housing

Energy renovation shows the way: How to secure our existing housing stock in the future.
Photo of DSV Domicile by PLH Architects. Photo credit: Tomas Bertelsen.

DSV Domicile

image, working performance, community and motivation have been strengthened after the relocation.
Photo of Water on the sidelines  by Bisgaard Landscape. Photo credit: Carsten Ingemann.

Water on the sidelines

In Gladsaxe, technical and recreational solutions go hand in hand with a rainwater project.
Photo of Gyldenrisparken by Vandkunsten Architects, Witraz Arkitekter and ZESO Architects. Photo credit: Seie


Total renovations increase security, reduce crime and strengthen the community of residents.
Photo of Røsræs Rundt by Spektrum Architects. Photo credit: Spektrum Arkitekter

Røsnæs Rundt

Røsnæs' nature has become available with new opportunities for water and land activities and experiences.
Photo of SEB domicile by Lundgaard & Tranberg Architects. Photo credit: Jens Lindhe.

SEB Domicile

SEB's location and distinctive architecture strengthen SEB Bank's brand, business and internal processes.
Photo of The children’s home of the future by CEBRA architecture. Photo credit: Mikkel Frost

The children’s home of the future

Layout and functionality of the architecture help reduce conflicts and creates a greater sense of security.
Photo of Vandhalla by CUBO and FORCE4. Photo credit: Martin Schubert

Vandhalla Egmont Højskolen

Inclusive swimming centre creates local pride, improves public health and increases the joy of exercise.
Photo of Musholm Holiday Centre by AART architects. Photo credit: AART architects

Musholm Holiday Centre

The Musholm Sports and Holiday Center shows the way towards accessible architecture.
Photo of Green Solution House by 3XN Architects. Photo credit: Adam Mørk

Green Solution House

Experimentarium for green ideas bridges Danish tourism and industry.
Photo of Damesalen - University of Copenhagen by MIKKELSEN architects. Photo credit: Søren Aagaard

Damesalen - University of Copenhagen

Intelligent facade technology contributes to optimum space utilisation and daylight.
Photo of Ny Bytoften by tnt arkitekter. Photo credit: tnt arkitekter

Ny Bytoften

In the general housing construction in Gladsaxe focus is on the environment and attractive neighborhood.
Photo of Ramboll Head Office by MIKKELSEN Architects. Photo Credit: MIKKELSEN Architects

Ramboll Head Office

Climate adaptation and innovative architecture strengthen Ramboll's brand, as a visionary company.
Photo of Aabenraa Psychiatric Hospital by White architects. Photo credit: Adam Mørk

Aabenraa Psychiatric Hospital

New frameworks and attitudes reduce the use of coercion at Aabenraa Psychiatric Hospital.
Photo of Marielyst Square and Beach Path by GHB Landscape Architects and ETN Arkitekter. Photo credit: GHB  Landscape Architects

Marielyst Square and Beach Path

Renovation of peat and beach areas in Marielyst creates value for tourists, citizens and local businesses.
Photo of SMK Museum Garden by WERK Architects and Sangberg Architects (previous POLYFORM) in collaboration with Karres En Brands. Photo credit: Sangberg Architects

SMK Museum Garden

The Museum Garden strengthens the museum's brand and increases the number of visitors.
Photo of Center for Renhold by WERK architects and Sangberg Architects – former POLYFORM ind collaboration with Karres En brands. Photo credit: Sangberg Architects.

Hauser Plads

New thinking of features and landscape creates an attractive underground work environment at Hauser Plads.
Photo of South Habour School by JJW Architects. Photo credit: Torben Eskerod

South Habour School

A school, a public, movement-promoting urban space and a cultural hub in South Habour, CPH.
Photo of Danmarkshusene by Vandkunsten Architects. Photo credit: Tegnestuen Vandkunsten


A new generation of public housing that is cheap, sustainable and attractive.
Photo of Department of Food Science at KU SCIENCE by ZESO Architects & Rambøll. Photo credit: Jens Markus Lindhe 

Department of Food Science at KU SCIENCE

Sustainability and energy optimisation are conscious choices in the design of the building.
Photo of Walk & Talk Circles by Zoffmannholm Landscape Architects

Walk & Talk Circles

Denmark's first “Walk & Talk” landscape extends meeting and learning activities into the wild.
Photo of Green Lighthouse by Christensen & Co. Architects. Photo credit: Adam Mørk

Green Lighthouse

Green Lighthouse has become a showcase for the future of sustainable public construction.
Photo of the Sunhouse by Christensen & Co Architects and Kragh & Berglund Landscape Architects. Photo credits: Adam Mørk

The Sunhouse

At the Sunhouse, children are taught how to live in synergy with nature and the environment.
Photo of KMC Nordhavn by CCO Architects. Photo credit: Adam Mørk.

KMC Nordhavn

KMC Nordhavn is the first DGNB-certified office and commercial building in Denmark.
Photo of Hasle Harbour Bath by White architects. Photo Credit: Signe Find Larsen.

Hasle Harbour Bath

The harbour bath has added a new attraction and identity to Hasle.
Photo of Sønder Nissum Multi-Purpose Hall by CEBRA architecture. Photo credit: Sdr. Nissum Borger- og Idrætsforening.

Sønder Nissum Multi-Purpose Hall

Redevelopment strengthens local unity and the integration of tourism into the local community.
Photo of A.P. Møller School by C.F. Møller Architects. Photo credit: Paul Ib Henriksen.

A.P. Møller School

When the architectural framework is of paramount importance for the well-being of pupils and teachers.
Photo of Aarhus Gymnastics & Motor Skills Hall by C.F. Møller Architects. Photo credit: Julian Weyer.

Aarhus Gymnastics & Motor Skills Hall

Physical framework that acts as an educational contributor and motivates users for physical movement.
Photo of Faaborg Habour Bath by CREO Architects, JDS and KLAR. Photo Credit: CREO Architects

Faaborg Habour Bath

The design and central location has resulted in spontaneous use and activities on the Faaborg waterfront.
Photo of Nordkraft by CUBO Architects and NORD architects. Photo credit: Helene Høyer Mikkelsen.


Nordkraft has become a focal point for sports culture and business in Aalborg.
Photo of Hejmdal Counselling Centre for Cancer Patients by CUBO. Photo credit: Helene Høyer Mikkelsen.

Hejmdal Counselling Centre for Cancer Patients

Architecture, light and hospitality create a unique atmosphere at Hejmdal Cancer Patients' House.
Photo of Livsrum Cancer Counselling Center by EFFEKT Architects. Photo credit: Quintin Lake.

Livsrum Cancer Counselling Center

Visibility and accessibility have increased awareness of the cancer counseling work in Næstved.
Photo of Selsmosen by Force4 Architects. Photo credit: Klaus Sletting Jensen.


The combined technical plant and recreation area, Selsmosen, creates added value in Taastrup.
Photo of Rabalderparken by GHB Landscape Architects and SNE Architects. Photo Credit: SNE Architects


Rabalderparken in Roskilde combines recreational areas with technical facilities for draining rainwater.
Photo of Herning Library by gpp architects and Kristian H. Nielsen Arkitekter. Photo Credit: Carsten Ingemann

Herning Library

A popular meeting place for Herning's citizens with up to 50,000 visitors a month.
Photo of Le Mur by Hasløv & Kjærsgaard Architects

Le Mur

The furniture wall that has saved Lemvig Municipality from damage costs of many millions of dollars.
Photo of University of Southern Denmark – Campus Kolding by Henning Larsen Architects. Photo credit: Hufton Crow

University of Southern Denmark – Campus Kolding

A campus that uses 20-25 % less energy than similar buildings.
Photo of Moesgaard Museum by Henning Larsen Architects. Photo credit: Moesgaard Museum.

Moesgaard Museum

An international attraction with a sevenfold increase in visitor numbers during the first year.
Photo of DTU Skylab by JUUL | FROST Arkitekter. Photo credit: STAMERS KONTOR

DTU Skylab

DTU Skylab stimulates increased innovation and entrepreneurship.
Photo of Plug N Play by Kragh & Berglund Landskabsarkitekter.

Plug n Play

Multi-functional urban life generator in Ørestad.
Photo of Ryesgade 30 A-C by Krydsrum Architects. Photo credit: Krydsrum Architects

Ryesgade 30 A-C

Sustainable urban densification and energy efficiency of property at Ryesgade 30 A-C in Copenhagen.
Photo of Copenhagen Towers - interior by Lendager Group

Copenhagen Towers - interior

Copenhagen Towers interior takes upcycling and sustainable materials to a whole new level.
Photo of Marthagården by Lendager Group. Photo credit: STAMERS KONTOR.


Where environment and sustainability are at stake, in both everyday activities and architecture.
Photos of Upcycle House by Lendager Group. Photo credit: Jesper Ray.

Upcycle House

New single-family house reduces climate impact by 86 %. The buzzword is UPCYCLING.
Photo of Brick House by LETH & GORI. Photo credit: STAMERS KONTOR.

Brick House

'Brick House' has a minimum life of 150 years and a maintenance-free facade for a minimum of 50 years.
Photo of Lindevangsparken and The Loop by Marianne Levinsen Landscape ApS. Photo credit: Torben Petersen.

Lindevangsparken and The Loop

The project shows how an innovative approach allows us to keep the water above ground.
Photo of sØnæs by Møller & Grønborg Architects. Photo credit: Carsten Ingemann.


The park has had 20 times more visitors and 15 times more cyclists during weekends.
Photo of Aller Media House by PLH Architects. Photo Credit: Kontraframe.

Aller Media House

A building that has contributed to a new and strengthened narrative about the firm's identity.
Photo of Fredensborg School Vilhelmsro by Rubow Architects. Photo credit: Adam Mørk

Fredensborg School Vilhelmsro

Fredensborg School Vilhelmsro is a strong role model for the future of climate-adapted school buildings.
Photo of DGI Huset by SHL and 3XN Architects. Photo credit: Adam Mørk

DGI Huset

Diverse spaciousness and atmosphere attracts new user groups in Aarhus' sports center DGI-Huset.
Photo of Soender Boulevard by SLA Architects. Photo credit: Mads Klitten.

Soender Boulevard

The green belt at Vesterbro, where the park value is seven times greater than its construction cost.
Photo of Enghave Minipark by Spektrum Arkitekter. Photo credit: Kenneth Balfelt.

Enghave Minipark

Involving vulnerable groups creates sustainable solutions with a new method for urban development.
Photo by DTU Compute by Christensen & Co. Architect. Photo credit: Adam Mørk.

DTU Compute

DTU Compute works with green, sustainable solutions from top to bottom.
Photo of The Modern Seaweed House by Vandkunsten Architects. Photo credit: Helene Høyer Mikkelsen.

The Modern Seaweed House

The Modern Seaweed House testifies to a culture that characterize the tradition on Læsø since 13th century.
Photo of SG Huset by C&W. Photo credit: Kim Østergaard.

SG Huset

Svendborg Gymnastikforening is experiencing a membership increase of up to 50% after the inauguration of SG Hu
Photo of The City Dune – SEB Bank by SLA Architects. Photo credit: Jens Lindhe.

The City Dune – SEB Bank

The City Dune at SEB BANK is Copenhagen's first 100 % climate-adapted urban space landscape.
Photo of Gymnasium for street sports Vandkunsten Architects. Photo credit: Mads Frederik.

Gymnasium for street sports

The CO2 neutral building is an economical alternative to conventional sports halls.
Photo of The House of Water by AART architects. Photo credit: Helene Høyer Mikkelsen.

The House of Water

Successful branding of DANVA's environmentally sustainable values ​​and community-based knowledge foundation.
Photo of Copenhagen Harbour Bath by BIG and JDS. Photo credit: JDS Architects

Copenhagen Harbour Bath

Increased desirability and increasing property prices by the harbour bath on the Islands Brygge waterfront.
Photo of Superkilen by BIG - Bjarke Ingels Group. Photo credit: Iwan Baan


A lively unfolding space and gathering place for local initiatives on outer Nørrebro.
Photo of Kulturværftet by AART architects. Photo credit: Adam Mørk.


The cultural yard in Helsingør is a popular success with great significance for the cultural development.
Photo of Esbjerg Psychiatric Department by Arkitema Architects. Photo Credit: Niels Nygaard.

Esbjerg Psychiatric Department

Significant reduction of coercion and fixation in the psychiatric department in Esbjerg.
Photo of VUC Syd by AART Architects and ZENI Arkitekter. Photo Credit: Adam Mørk.


The school has attracted more students and boosted their motivation to learn.
UN City by 3XN Architects. Photo credit: Adam Mørk

UN City

At the UN's Danish headquarters, the green transition is everything.
Photo of The Bicycle Snake, Dissing+Weitling. Photo credit: Rasmus Hjortshøj.

The Bicycle Snake

The City of Copenhagen wants more people to use their bike and the Bicycle Snake helps.
Photo of Egebjerg Mill by Praksis Architects. Photo credit: Egebjerg Møllelaug.

Egebjerg Mill

Egebjerg Mill creates local pride and has become a gathering point in Egebjerg Bakker.