Le Mur

Updated 26.07.22 |
Signe Moeslund Mains

Photo credit: Kontraframe

The Le Mur flood-protection works have saved the harbour town of Lemvig at least DKK 30 mill. in repair costs. Le Mur manages rainwater and has turned the area into an exciting public space. Designed by Hasløv & Kjærsgaard Architects in collaboration with COWI and the city of Lemvig and its citizens.

”The concrete wall has helped transform Lemvig Harbour into a bustling area with activities for local citizens, tourists and sailors. We had to establish flood-protection for Lemvig Harbour and Lemvig. We chose to make a virtue of necessity and we have thereby gained much more from our investment for the benefit of everyone.”, Erik Flyvholm,  Mayor of the Municipality of Lemvig.

Besides protecting Lemvig during high water levels of up to 210 cm above normal, Le Mur serves as a meeting point and resting area at the harbour. The wall has been constructed from concrete and can be closed with steel gates when a storm is imminent. The wall winds its way along the harbor front, creating various places for activities such as markets and playgrounds, areas for parking and for playing ball games, or for resting and enjoying the view of the harbour basin. The wall has integrated wooden seats and is decorated with mosaics made by local children. 

The wall has been designed for flexible use to meet the demands of the many events held at the harbour. Therefore, in addition to its main purpose to protect the harbour front in Lemvig during floods and cloudbursts, the wall also has a social function when local citizens and tourists use the wall for recreation and to take a break.

The wall was constructed with help from local manufacturers and has already “been in action” and proven its worth on several occasions. Thus, it has been estimated that during the three most recent storms the wall saved the Municipality of Lemvig around DKK 30 mill. in repair costs.

Photo of Le Mur by Hasløv & Kjærsgaard Architects
The furniture wall not only protects the city against storm surge but can also be used in daily life for play, stay and various activities. Photo credit