Villa Arrondi

Dato 02.01.23 |
Rikke Friis

Photo: Frier Architecture

On a slope between the sea and the forest lies the sculptural Villa Arrondi. A simple exterior makes the landscape and villa merge, while the home's interior offers unique details and uncompromising choice of materials. 

The small house of 88 m2 lies completely undisturbed with direct contact to the forest and a view to the coast. The facades are covered with wood, which is burned with the Japanese method of wood preservation, shou sugi ban. This makes the forest villa's facades more resistant to fire, rot and insects and gives a durability of up to 80 years. 

"Villa Arrondi is a small thought-through house with many unique details. We have had to be brave along the way in choosing materials and solutions. But today we stand with a very special house that we are sure our family and friends will appreciate far into the future." Builder, 2022 

The term arrondi comes from the world of ballet, where it describes an elegant, rounded movement. This is reflected in the interior of the house, where curved shapes embrace the living space. 

The house has a continuous terrazzo floor, which was developed especially for Villa Arrondi. Produced from surplus material from a local stone slab and tile production, it is an inspiring example of how construction waste can be recycled as a valuable resource. The durable floor has a long service life, and at the same time gives the home an aesthetic quality that creates a very special atmosphere. The material connects the house to its surroundings in the forest, and makes users want to explore the impressive shape and play of colours in the natural stones. 

Photo of Villa Arrondi