There is a direct relationship between health and the quality of the environment built.

When we design buildings and their surroundings, we create space that affects the mental and physical well-being of people. Access to daylight, fresh air and appealing outdoor spaces stimulate health, comfort and well-being. Without buildings, only very few areas of the earth would be suitable for habitation all year round. Buildings protect us against wind and weather and create a healthy indoor climate.
Our surroundings can be designed to make us exercise more or to ensure more light for more people. Architecture with a good indoor climate can contribute to fewer sick days; daylight and green surroundings mean patients can be discharged from hospital sooner; and parks and appealing outdoor spaces affect public health.

Photo of Aabenraa Psychiatric Hospital by White architects. Photo credit: Adam Mørk
08.11.16 #Case

Aabenraa Psychiatric Hospital

New frameworks and attitudes reduce the use of coercion at Aabenraa Psychiatric Hospital.
Photo of Walk & Talk Circles by Zoffmannholm Landscape Architects
21.09.16 #Case

Walk & Talk Circles

Denmark's first “Walk & Talk” landscape extends meeting and learning activities into the wild.
Photo of the Sunhouse by Christensen & Co Architects and Kragh & Berglund Landscape Architects. Photo credits: Adam Mørk
21.09.16 #Case

The Sunhouse

At the Sunhouse, children are taught how to live in synergy with nature and the environment.
Photo of Sønder Nissum Multi-Purpose Hall by CEBRA architecture. Photo credit: Sdr. Nissum Borger- og Idrætsforening.
21.09.16 #Case

Sønder Nissum Multi-Purpose Hall

Redevelopment strengthens local unity and the integration of tourism into the local community.
Photo of Faaborg Habour Bath by CREO Architects, JDS and KLAR. Photo Credit: CREO Architects
21.09.16 #Case

Faaborg Habour Bath

The design and central location has resulted in spontaneous use and activities on the Faaborg waterfront.
Photo of Livsrum Cancer Counselling Center by EFFEKT Architects. Photo credit: Quintin Lake.
19.09.16 #Case

Livsrum Cancer Counselling Center

Visibility and accessibility have increased awareness of the cancer counseling work in Næstved.
Photo of Rabalderparken by GHB Landscape Architects and SNE Architects. Photo Credit: SNE Architects
19.09.16 #Case


Rabalderparken in Roskilde combines recreational areas with technical facilities for draining rainwater.
Photo of Superkilen by BIG - Bjarke Ingels Group. Photo credit: Iwan Baan
16.09.16 #Case


A lively unfolding space and gathering place for local initiatives on outer Nørrebro.
Photo of Esbjerg Psychiatric Department by Arkitema Architects. Photo Credit: Niels Nygaard.
15.09.16 #Case

Esbjerg Psychiatric Department

Significant reduction of coercion and fixation in the psychiatric department in Esbjerg.