Danish Association of Architectural Firms

Danish Association of Architectural Firms is a trade association with approx. 650 member firms. The association is managed by a board, an executive committee and a secretariat headed by a CEO.

The association’s name is Danish Association of Architectural Firms with the secondary name DANSKE ARK. We are a member of Confederation of Danish Industry, DI.

Our members

All members of Danish Association of Architectural Firms have at least one person in its management who have been working full time as an architect for at least five years. This includes at least two years as self-employed or as head of a department in an architectural firm. This person must also have a valid degree.

All members of the Danish Association of Architectural Firms must take out an open professional indemnity insurance with a limit of liability for property damage and economic loss of at least DKK 2.5 million per claim and per year. The insurance cover must as a minimum meet the requirements specified in the list of requirements for insurance companies of Danish Association of Architectural Firms.

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Board & General Assembly

The board is elected at the annual General Assembly among the members of the association.

Boad 2022

The Board and CEO Lene Espersen April 28th 2022: President Katja Viltoft JJW Arkitekter, Jacob Kurek Henning Larsen Architects, Niels Jakubiak Andersen NÆSTE ARK, Torben Møbjerg LYTT Architecture, Jeanette Hansen 3XN, Frants Nielsen Dorte Mandrup, Rasmus Bak BAKS ARKITEKTER, Kim Risager Arkitema - part of COWI and Mette Stavad, Pluskontoret.

The Danish Association of Architectural Firms is run by a board which is elected by the general meeting.

The board consist of a President and eight members elected among the members of the association. The President is elected directly by the General Assembly and must be elected from among the ordinary members.

The President is elected for a term of two years at a time and is eligible for reelection. Other board members are elected among the ordinary members for two years at a time with at least four members up for election each year.

The annual general meeting is held by the end of April each year.


The tasks of the Danish Association of Architectural Firms are handled by a secretariat that helps and provides consultancy to our members, develops and undertakes projects and manages political and business interests. Staff and HR is handled by Confederation of Danish Industry (DI). You can find their specialists at the bottom of this page.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding our members, organisation, international matters, membership, contracts and or insurance. Call us at tel. +45 32 83 05 00, send an e-mail at info@danskeark.dk.

Questions regarding staff and HR, please contact Confederation of Danish Industry (DI).

Our address is Vesterbrogade 1E, 2. sal, 1620 Copenhagen V, Denmark.

Foto af Lene Espersen




CEO, cand.oceon.

M +45 2327 6926

E le@danskeark.dk

Ulla Michael



Head of Administration

T +45 3283 0500

E um@danskeark.dk

Foto af Klaus Juelkert



Head of IT- and Membership

T +45 3283 0500

E kj@danskeark.dk

Foto af Karen Sejr



Head of Communications

M +45 3034 8285

E ks@danskeark.dk 

Foto af Lars Emil Kragh



Head of Business Development

M +45 5167 1554

E lek@danskeark.dk

Foto af Paul K. Jeppesen



Senior Consultant, cand.scient.pol., Insurance

M +45 2729 3461

E pkj@danskeark.dk


Peter Andreas Sattrup



Chief Consultant, Sustainability

M +45 2636 3812

E pas@danskeark.dk

Preben Dahl



Chief Lawyer

M +45 2869 0576

E pd@danskeark.dk


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Sustainability Consultant

M +45 3034 1230

E kbj@danskeark.dk


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Sustainability Consultant

M +45 2137 2181

E krj@danskeark.dk

Foto af Sait Ciftci



Chief Consultant, Lawyer

M +45 2327 6915 

E sc@danskeark.dk


Vibeke Gruppe Larsen



PhD Researcher – Circular economy and SDGs

M +45 26 280 289

E vgl@danskeark.dk  

Anne Fjord Sørensen




Anne Fjord Sørensen

Student Assistant

E vaerdi@danskeark.dk   

Alger Olsen  


Student Assistant, Business Development

E analyse@danskeark.dk




DI: HR & Staff



Tina Munch  


Chief Consultant at DI, Lawyer

T +45 3377 3487

E timu@di.dk

Trine Labuhn  


Consultant at DI, Lawyer

T +45 3377 3551

E tlab@di.dk


Political Influence

We focus on helping and providing consultancy to our members, but a significant part of our work also involves safeguarding our members’ commercial interests and influencing the regulatory framework through the political system.

Architectural firms – and clients for that matter – spend a lot of time on tenders and prequalifications that are subsequently discarded. This is an untenable business model that is ultimately a waste of both tax payer and the consultant’s money. We are working on doing something about this. The same applies to the green transition, where we believe that an enormous and uncultivated business potential exists for architectural firms – our members.

We are particularly preoccupied by:

    Millions of Danish kroner are wasted on producing unnecessary material and managing unnecessarily complex contests where, ultimately, only the good idea counts. We are working to ensure that resources are instead spent on creating value.
    If the client adopted a whole-life cost perspective, he/she would often discover that it is much better to view construction as part of a whole throughout the building’s lifecycle. The costs of construction are a fraction of the budget compared with the total lifecycle costs of the building. We need to adopt a more holistic approach in construction and not just use quick-fix solutions.
    Sustainable construction and circular thinking where we recycle and refine products anew is the perfect business case and a business area with considerable and crucial potential. We want Denmark to take the lead to get a commercial advantage and not least, via a set of EU rules, ensure that a single market is established for recycled products so as to prevent trade barriers that stop the circular economy from working across borders.
    The traditional methods and business area of the construction industry are under pressure and challenged. The digitisation of our society and the speed at which Big Data are converted into new business models will challenge traditional consultancy.

Strategy: Building Better Lives

The Danish Association of Architectural Firms’ work is based on the strategy ‘Building Better Lives’, which covers the period 2018-2022.

Architecture is an essential part of our welfare society and a condition for cities, urban spaces, landscapes, housing and workplaces being able to support the good life in Denmark. Danish architectural firms – whether big or small – are widely recognised in Denmark and internationally and are rooted in a tradition where we keep an overall perspective without compromising on a high artistic level.

'Building Better Lives – Strategy 2018-2022’ has been developed as part of a broad collaborative process and is the basis for our work within three overall areas:

Strong business

  • We must ensure optimum framework conditions
  • We must strengthen the commercial focus
  • We must exploit digitisation


  • We must collaborate closely with the construction industry
  • We must stand together in the architectural industry
  • We must strengthen our members’ cooperation, work across disciplines and networks

Visible value

  • We must document our value creation
  • We must develop tools and methods for documentation
  • We must develop value-based business opportunities
Building Better Lives - Danish