With people at the centre, architecture provides the framework for communities.

Buildings and urban spaces help create identity, a sense of belonging, a sense of security and social cohesion. Our surroundings reflect who we are, who we want to be and where we come from; they create culture. 

Our surroundings can be shaped in a way that not only generates value for the individual but also creates communities and rich experiences, stimulates participation or ensures accessibility. Therefore, it is important to strengthen the dialogue between citizens, clients, users and politicians. Even small projects can redefine a place, give it a new narrative or reverse or create a trend.

Photo of Glasir College, Thorshavn by BIG and Fuglark. Photo credit: Rasmus Hjortshøj
14.10.19 #Case

Glasir College

The largest educational institution on the Faroe Islands makes it attractive to stay on the island.
Photo of New Rosenhøj by EFFEKT Architects and Arkitema Architects. Photo Credit: EFFEKT
09.04.18 #Case

New Rosenhøj

Revitalisation of the former vulnerable neighbourhood gives the residents a boost.
Photo of DSV Domicile by PLH Architects. Photo credit: Tomas Bertelsen.
27.02.18 #Case

DSV Domicile

image, working performance, community and motivation have been strengthened after the relocation.
Photo of Gyldenrisparken by Vandkunsten Architects, Witraz Arkitekter and ZESO Architects. Photo credit: Seie
16.06.17 #Case


Total renovations increase security, reduce crime and strengthen the community of residents.
Photo of Røsræs Rundt by Spektrum Architects. Photo credit: Spektrum Arkitekter
23.03.17 #Case

Røsnæs Rundt

Røsnæs' nature has become available with new opportunities for water and land activities and experiences.
Photo of Musholm Holiday Centre by AART architects. Photo credit: AART architects
24.01.17 #Case

Musholm Holiday Centre

The Musholm Sports and Holiday Center shows the way towards accessible architecture.
Photo of Green Solution House by 3XN Architects. Photo credit: Adam Mørk
10.01.17 #Case

Green Solution House

Experimentarium for green ideas bridges Danish tourism and industry.
Photo of Ramboll Head Office by MIKKELSEN Architects. Photo Credit: MIKKELSEN Architects
16.11.16 #Case

Ramboll Head Office

Climate adaptation and innovative architecture strengthen Ramboll's brand, as a visionary company.
Photo of Marielyst Square and Beach Path by GHB Landscape Architects and ETN Arkitekter. Photo credit: GHB  Landscape Architects
07.11.16 #Case

Marielyst Square and Beach Path

Renovation of peat and beach areas in Marielyst creates value for tourists, citizens and local businesses.
Photo of SMK Museum Garden by WERK Architects and Sangberg Architects (previous POLYFORM) in collaboration with Karres En Brands. Photo credit: Sangberg Architects
01.11.16 #Case

SMK Museum Garden

The Museum Garden strengthens the museum's brand and increases the number of visitors.
Photo of South Habour School by JJW Architects. Photo credit: Torben Eskerod
29.10.16 #Case

South Habour School

A school, a public, movement-promoting urban space and a cultural hub in South Habour, CPH.
Photo of Danmarkshusene by Vandkunsten Architects. Photo credit: Tegnestuen Vandkunsten
25.10.16 #Case


A new generation of public housing that is cheap, sustainable and attractive.
Photo of Hasle Harbour Bath by White architects. Photo Credit: Signe Find Larsen.
21.09.16 #Case

Hasle Harbour Bath

The harbour bath has added a new attraction and identity to Hasle.
Photo of Sønder Nissum Multi-Purpose Hall by CEBRA architecture. Photo credit: Sdr. Nissum Borger- og Idrætsforening.
21.09.16 #Case

Sønder Nissum Multi-Purpose Hall

Redevelopment strengthens local unity and the integration of tourism into the local community.
Photo of A.P. Møller School by C.F. Møller Architects. Photo credit: Paul Ib Henriksen.
21.09.16 #Case

A.P. Møller School

When the architectural framework is of paramount importance for the well-being of pupils and teachers.
Photo of Faaborg Habour Bath by CREO Architects, JDS and KLAR. Photo Credit: CREO Architects
21.09.16 #Case

Faaborg Habour Bath

The design and central location has resulted in spontaneous use and activities on the Faaborg waterfront.
Photo of Nordkraft by CUBO Architects and NORD architects. Photo credit: Helene Høyer Mikkelsen.
21.09.16 #Case


Nordkraft has become a focal point for sports culture and business in Aalborg.
Photo of Livsrum Cancer Counselling Center by EFFEKT Architects. Photo credit: Quintin Lake.
19.09.16 #Case

Livsrum Cancer Counselling Center

Visibility and accessibility have increased awareness of the cancer counseling work in Næstved.
Photo of Selsmosen by Force4 Architects. Photo credit: Klaus Sletting Jensen.
19.09.16 #Case


The combined technical plant and recreation area, Selsmosen, creates added value in Taastrup.
Photo of Herning Library by gpp architects and Kristian H. Nielsen Arkitekter. Photo Credit: Carsten Ingemann
18.09.16 #Case

Herning Library

A popular meeting place for Herning's citizens with up to 50,000 visitors a month.
Photo of Moesgaard Museum by Henning Larsen Architects. Photo credit: Moesgaard Museum.
18.09.16 #Case

Moesgaard Museum

An international attraction with a sevenfold increase in visitor numbers during the first year.
Photo of sØnæs by Møller & Grønborg Architects. Photo credit: Carsten Ingemann.
18.09.16 #Case


The park has had 20 times more visitors and 15 times more cyclists during weekends
Photo of Aller Media House by PLH Architects. Photo Credit: Kontraframe.
17.09.16 #Case

Aller Media House

A building that has contributed to a new and strengthened narrative about the firm's identity.
Photo of Soender Boulevard by SLA Architects. Photo credit: Mads Klitten.
17.09.16 #Case

Soender Boulevard

The green belt at Vesterbro, where the park value is seven times greater than its construction cost
Photo of The House of Water by AART architects. Photo credit: Helene Høyer Mikkelsen.
16.09.16 #Case

The House of Water

Successful branding of DANVA's environmentally sustainable values ​​and community-based knowledge foundation.
Photo of Superkilen by BIG - Bjarke Ingels Group. Photo credit: Iwan Baan
16.09.16 #Case


A lively unfolding space and gathering place for local initiatives on outer Nørrebro.
Photo of VUC Syd by AART Architects and ZENI Arkitekter. Photo Credit: Adam Mørk.
15.09.16 #Case


The school has attracted more students and boosted their motivation to learn.
Photo of Egebjerg Mill by Praksis Arkitekter. Photo credit: Egebjerg Møllelaug.
12.09.16 #Case

Egebjerg Mill

Egebjerg Mill creates local pride and has become a gathering point in Egebjerg Bakker.