Sønderborg Multicultural House

Dato 09.08.21 |
Rikke Friis

Photo: AART

Ewer’s Warehouse had not been used for a number of years prior to its revitalisation. Today, the warehouse is an architectural link between the old town centre and the modern harbour district.

More than 100 years old, the old warehouse in Sønderborg exudes history. The building has served a number of different purposes across the years and to this day still features stories about German architectural style, ancient traditions and the industrial history of the harbour.

Today, the old warehouse has been given a modern extension and is home to Sønderborg’s new multicultural house. The renovation of the original building preserved the iconic facades and the old timber construction, and the original shape of the roof was restored. 

The two contrasting structures makes the multicultural centre an architectural hinge between the old, historic town centre and the new, modern harbour district. The house is a diverse focal point for the area, bringing together several cultural institutions under one roof. The high number of visitors testifies to the fact that the centre has become a major cultural asset, attracting both private citizens, educational institutions and actors from the local business community. 

“The house is a big hit! Visitors can tell their children that their grandfather worked in the warehouse. The mixture of tradition and innovation really makes sense.” Librarian, Sønderborg Public Library

Photo from inside the library