Professional Insurance

The professional performance of an architectural firm involves a professional insurance. All members of Danish Association of Architectural Firms must have a professional insurance. Your ongoing liability insurance covers both errors in the enterprise's pursuit of the architecture profession and general corporate responsibility when the error cannot be attributed to your architectural profession but merely to the fact that you have caused an injury that could be caused by any other professional. Below you can read more about how your ongoing liability insurance with HDI covers and how you use it.

We offer our members professional liability insurance, designed in collaboration with the brokerage company Marsh and the liability specialist HDI Denmark.

Your insurance will often cover your needs both as the task grows and when you are a total advisor. However, in some situations it is most appropriate to take out a project insurance. Remember that through your membership you can also take out business and private insurance with large discounts for both holders and employees.

If you have any questions about the professional ongoing liability insurance at HDI, please contact our insurance broker Marsh at or tel +45 4595 9562, Lars Hedegaard.