Strategy: Building Better Lives

Updated 27.03.20

The Danish Association of Architectural Firms’ work is based on the strategy ‘Building Better Lives’, which covers the period 2018-2022.

Architecture is an essential part of our welfare society and a condition for cities, urban spaces, landscapes, housing and workplaces being able to support the good life in Denmark. Danish architectural firms – whether big or small – are widely recognised in Denmark and internationally and are rooted in a tradition where we keep an overall perspective without compromising on a high artistic level.

'Building Better Lives – Strategy 2018-2022’ has been developed as part of a broad collaborative process and is the basis for our work within three overall areas:

Strong business

  • We must ensure optimum framework conditions
  • We must strengthen the commercial focus
  • We must exploit digitisation


  • We must collaborate closely with the construction industry
  • We must stand together in the architectural industry
  • We must strengthen our members’ cooperation, work across disciplines and networks

Visible value

  • We must document our value creation
  • We must develop tools and methods for documentation
  • We must develop value-based business opportunities
Building Better Lives - Danish