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Description of Services

We have prepared and gathered the different types of description of Services from our members at this page: Building & Landscape, Civil Works and Planning and Client Consultancy.

Forms of Agreements

Below, you can download the agreement forms for civil works and client consultancy prepared by the Danish Association of Architectural Firms and the Danish Association of Consulting Engineers. You can use it for split consultancy, full-service consultancy and agreements on sub-consultancy.


The tasks of the Danish Association of Architectural Firms are handled by a secretariat that helps and provides consultancy to our members, develops and undertakes projects and manages political and business interests. Staff and HR is handled by Confederation of Danish Industry (DI). You can find their specialists at the bottom of this page.

Board & General Assembly

The board is elected at the annual General Assembly among the members of the association.

General Conditions for Consultancy

The scope of General Conditions for Consultancy - ABR is consultancy and assistance within the field of civil and engineering works and it is typic



Many Danish Architectural Firms use interns from both Denmark and abroad. Interns are not included as part of the Collective Agreement between DI (Danish Industri) and the relevant Unions. Special rules applies whether the interns are from a Danish institution, from Europe or from a school outside Europe. These rules must be followed.

Data Protection and Cookie Policy

When you visit our website, we set a cookie that can recognize your activity when you move through the various pages at the website. It is necessary for a number of functions, e.g. login, your personal page etc.


Members of Danish Association of Architectural Firms are required to have a professional liability insurance to cover claims for damages that migh


Press Inquiries

Do you need information about Danish Organisation of Architectural Firms or our members, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Contract of Employment

All essential terms and conditions for the employment must be described in a contract of employment / proof of employment concluded between the employer and the employee. The contract must be prepared, approved and signed not later than one month after the employment relationship has started.