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Description of Services

Description of Services for Building & Landscape 2018 (YBL18) is the latest version of the description of services for building and landscape prepared by the Danish Association of Architectural Firms and the Danish Association of Consulting Engineers.


Forms of Agreements

It is a condition that ABR18, ABR Abridged or ABR89 has been agreed and that reference is made to the relevant descriptions of services, e.g. Building & Landscape 2018 or Civil Works and Planning, December 2012, and the Description of Service for Client Consultancy.



Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding our members, organisation, international matters, membership, contracts and or insurance. Call us at tel. +45 32 83 05 00, send an e-mail at


General Conditions for Consultancy

The scope of General Conditions for Consultancy - ABR is consultancy and assistance within the field of civil and engi


Board & General Assemply


Political Influence

We focus on helping and providing consultancy to our members, but a significant part of our work also involves safeguarding our members’ commercial interests and influencing the regulatory framework through the political system.

Architectural firms – and clients for that matter – spend


Press Inquiries

We periodically issue press releases which are also published under our news. In addition, we publish a weekly newsletter where you can keep up to date with our views and activities. The Newsletter is in Danish.



Members of Danish Association of Architectural Firms are required to have a professional liability insurance to cover

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Glasir College

The largest educational institution on the Faroe Islands makes it attractive to stay on the island.

Contract of Employment

The contract of employment should inform your employee about all essential terms and conditions regulating the employment. In the following, you will find a template for employment of employees covered by the collective agreements.