From a happy place where design is based on a deep understanding of local aesthetics, the surroundings and user needs. Where welfare is for everyone. Where design is integrated in everything from transportation systems to cutlery and kindergartens. Where livable high-quality surroundings are a birthright of all people. Where architects make sure quality materials, daylight and green solutions benefit as many people as possible. Where sustainable architecture is built for people.

Danish Architects have contributed to, amongst others physical exercise and carbon emission, reductions by integrating bicycle paths in Xiamen, China with urban planning and design. Improving the feeling of safety at a college in London, UK by designing a tranquil and relaxed environment. Creating new outdoor life on the waterfront in Reykjavik, Iceland by designing a concert hall whose open design attracts visitors. Turning the traditional Danish “court house” into an instant urban landmark, part of Manhattan’s skyline by inventing a new “court scraper” with outside shared space. Manifesting the values of an international sports organization in Lausanne, Switzerland by conveying the energy of “an athlete in motion” into a building. Establishing a strong connection between a learning environment and the surrounding mountainsides in Voss, Norway by designing in local materials and creating views to nature from all classrooms. Bringing people together in a local society in Uppsala, Sweden by integrating a communal training area on top of a residential complex.

Video of architecture and playing.

Playing - Architecting Happiness

Good architecture encourages playing by for example integrating a playground on the roof of a parking garage.
Video of architecture and liveability

Living - Architecting Happiness

Danish architecture increases liveability globally and gives more quality of life and security.
Video of architecture that connects people and places.

Connecting - Architecting Happiness

Good architecture connects people and places by for example designing playful bicycle paths across the harbour
Video of architecture and health

Healing - Architecting Happiness

Good architecture contributes to healing.
Video of architecture and learning

Learning - Architecting Happiness

Good architecture improves learning. A well-designed environment boosts children’s academic performance.