Connecting - Architecting Happiness

Dato 14.09.20 |
Sacha Mortensen

“An endless number of green buildings don’t make a sustainable city. First life, then spaces, then buildings - the other way around never works”. Sustainable architecture built for people.

Good architecture connects people and places. Danish architects have succeeded in… Bringing new life to an ignored part of Copenhagen and increasing the number of cyclists in the city by up to 20% by designing playful bicycle paths across the harbour. Creating a positive effect on the city’s environment and ecology by integrating climate-proofing reservoirs with recreational spaces. Attracting people to the waterfront and increasing the value of residential property by up to 100% by designing a harbour bath as a focal point of city life. Increasing the feeling of safety in crime-ridden neighbourhoods through improved street lighting and better building design. Increasing threefold the number of visitors and changing the perception of a city by designing modern hybrid libraries functioning as multicultural meeting points. Strengthening awareness of national healthcare by making a new tower of research and education an instant urban landmark.

Danish architecture connects people and places globally.