Healing - Architecting Happiness

Dato 14.09.20 |
Anne Fjord Sørensen

”Evidence shows that good design of a hospital’s physical environment promotes better clinical outcomes, increases safety, and reduces stress for both patients and staff.” Sustainable architecture built for people.

Good architecture contributes to healing. Danish architects have contributed to… Reducing reported work accidents in hospitals by designing open spaces with daylight and facilities for activities and sensory experiences motivating physical exercise by designing an inviting aquatic environment. Helping relatives and cancer patients earlier in their illness by designing iconic buildings that create increased awareness of counselling. Maintaining a high level of belonging and normal life for care home residents by integrating care homes into an existing park and keeping it open for the surrounding society. Helping terminally ill patients find peace in the dying process by designing calm surroundings that signal dignity and respect and make room for personal habits. Danish Architecture contributes to healing globally.