Dato 04.10.20 |
Anne Fjord Sørensen

Foto: LINK Arkitektur

Sønderparken in Fredericia has undergone an extensive renovation, as part of an overall master plan that has resulted in energy-saving housing, strengthened social relations and less crime.

The vision for Sønderparken has been to develop the residential area into a contemporary district and to reduce social housing problems such as the increasing eviction from the area. Sønderparken in Fredericia was built in the period 1974-1980 and originally consisted of modern and bright buildings. During a renovation, all the apartments were updated according to BR2015 to minimize energy consumption. The project included i.a. better accessibility requirements and a facade renovation, which together lift the overall impression of the area.

"The general building construction in Sønderparken has now been removed from the government's controversial 'ghetto list', and the latest statement from the area also shows that crime has dropped by 50%."

The residents of the residential area actively participated in the process, which has helped to form social relationships, an increased sense of ownership and a greater sense of community.

Photo: Mette Johnsen