Glasir College

Updated 27.03.20 |
Signe Moeslund Mains

Photo credit: Rasmus Hjortshøj

The largest educational institution on the Faroe Islands makes it attractive to get an education and stay on the islands. There’s an iconic school building in Tórshavn inviting nature, the local community and young people inside.

Glasir College in Tórshavn is the result of collaboration between the worldrenowned architectural firm BIG - Bjarke Ingels Group and local Faroese architects from Fuglark.

The school gathers three upper secondary schools under the same glass roof. The building has been placed high on a hillside in a spectacular landscape, which teachers and students can contemplate and access at all times.

"Students say that now they apply for admission to the programme they actually want to study. Previously they were tempted to base their decision on where their friends were applying, but now they can study whatever they like under the same roof with their friends." Hanna Ziskason Hansen, Advisor, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Culture, Faroe Islands

Glasir College stands out with its transparent design welcoming in the island’s dramatic landscape and opening out to the surroundings. Around 1,500 students and 250 staff use the building on a daily basis, and the architects therefore worked meticulously to perfect the acoustics.

The atrium boasts a staircase inspired by the island’s famous rocks and nature, and with a total of 3,100 m2 of glass walls and 200 glass doors, the building makes ample use of the unique light for which the islands are also famous.

Glasir College creates the right conditions for staying on the islands and getting an education in Tórshavn, thus benefitting the local community and businesses in the long term.

Photo of Glasir College, Thorshavn by BIG and Fuglark. Photo credit: Rasmus Hjortshøj