Løget By

Dato 08.09.20 |
Anne Fjord Sørensen

Photo: Pluskontoret Arkitekter

A radical urban renewal of Løget By has resulted in strong social housing initiatives, more resourceful citizens and a popular and vibrant urban area.

In the period 2014-2016, the residential area Løget By has undergone a total renovation of more than 1.000 homes in the area which includes new apartments, home renovation, new neighborhood house and day care. Subsequently, a large infrastructure project has been completed with the conversion of the area's outdoor areas as well as path and road connections. The urban area was finally completed in the end of 2018. Common to all initiatives is that they have been made with respect for the original architecture.

"Already now we can see that a lot of people use 'the snake' (the path in the middle of the district, ed.). When people can see the value in the many other things, more people will come out and be active", Ove Hansen, chairman of Løget

The project has had a strong focus on strengthening the unity and the neighborhood - not only in Løget By, but in the entire local area. This has succeeded, and the district is now a prime example of how, through a holistic approach to the renovation of vulnerable housing areas, one can have great success in transforming a building.

Regarding the process and the renovation, Ove Hansen, chairman of Løget says: "We can feel that the residents are happy, and they have been well involved in the process and have participated actively." Innovation and holistic planning, good collaboration and quality craftsmanship have transformed an isolated residential area into a balanced district.

Løget By by Pluskontoret