Faaborg Harbour Bath

Updated 26.07.22 |
Signe Moeslund Mains

Photo credit: CREO Architects

In 2013, the citizens of Faaborg welcomed their new harbour bath. CREO Architects, JDS Architects and KLAR have designed the facilities.

“There is something special about open architecture. It’s a strength that it creates a sense of community, that you do not feel alone when you are at the harbour bath and that it is able to capacitate many people at the same time.” Project manager, Faaborg Municipality

Quality of Life & Identity

An evaluation prepared by NIRAS in 2015 shows that 93 % of the responding users were satisfied or very satisfied with the harbour bath in Faaborg. The division of the plateaus into different ‘fingers’ allows many different user groups to use the harbour bath at the same time without getting in the way of each other.

Besides, the local winter swimming club has experienced increased interest with 36 new members during the first year after the opening. In the evaluation, many users say that Faaborg Harbour Bath has become a landmark that makes the town stand out positively from other towns on Funen like Svendborg and Odense.

Accessibility & Security

The combination of the central location and open design of the harbour bath means that passers-by use the place to take a break and for spontaneous activity. Although the place is open year round without being under supervision, the evaluation prepared by NIRAS shows that several users point out that it is a safe place to swim and stay because of openness of the place and closed children’s basins.

Photo of Faaborg Habour Bath by CREO Architects, JDS and KLAR. Photo Credit: CREO Architects
Photo Credit: CREO Architects

About the case

Faaborg Harbour Bath consists of a range of bathing jetties, facilities for water sports such as sea kayaking and diving, and basins for users of any age. The harbour bath is integrated with ‘Det Blå Støttepunkt’, which offers storage and association facilities, toilets and sauna.

All facilities are open to the public year round and are often used by both families with children, who play and swim, young people, who drink beers and bask in the sun, and adults and old people, who are kayaking or enjoying the view. During the winter months, the bath is also a popular spot for winter swimming. The harbour bath is a huge success and works excellently as both a place where passers-by can take a break and as an attractive excursion spot during the summer months.

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