Plug N Play

Updated 26.07.22 |
Signe Moeslund Mains

Photo credit: Kragh & Berglund Landskabsarkitekter

PLUG N PLAY was a temporary activity and sports park which generated more urban life in Ørestad Syd while the area was being developed. The elements of the park were flexible, making it possible to adjust or even move the activities. PLUG N PLAY was designed by landscape architects Kragh & Berglund in close collaboration with the Danish Foundation for Culture and Sports Facilities, the City of Copenhagen and the Sports Confederation of Denmark. 

The facility generated more urban life in Ørestaden with an average of 100 visitors a day. The openness and design of the park gave the area a stronger identity that had a positive impact on the area. The facility generated media value for Ørestaden worth DKK 2.6 million.

Economics & Branding

A media analysis conducted by Infomedia during the period November 2008 to October 2010 revealed 121 positive mentions of PLUG N PLAY in Ørestad Syd in printed and electronic media. This generated media value of about DKK 2.6 million.

An evaluation made by the Danish Foundation for Culture and Sports Facilities in 2010 showed that the interviewed real estate agents and developers all agreed that: “PLUG N PLAY has a positive impact on the public image of the area and thereby also on the development of the area. Stakeholders are generally pleased with the signalling value of the park and believe that the park helps change the mindset of those visiting the area in a positive direction.” 

Identity & Accessibility 

Signalling openness, play and authencity, PLUG N PLAY had a positive identity which had a positive impact on the reputation of the area, visitor numbers and the sense of belonging to the area. Being open, accessible and free and being run by the users, the facility managed to generate urban life. According to the Danish Foundation for Culture and Sports facilities, the park had about 100 visitors a day on an annual basis. 

Photo of Plug N Play by Kragh & Berglund Landskabsarkitekter.
Photo credit: Kragh & Berglund Landskabsarkitekter

About the case

PLUG N PLAY was used by schools, kindergartens and clubs and for large sports competitions in Ørestad Syd. As the name indicates, the design was based on the philosophy of being able to ‘plug’ various temporary activities into already existing facilities. The park accommodated everything from parkour facilities, speed skating and beach volleyball courts to organic kitchen gardens. The facility was a great success which generated urban life and media coverage and made a positive and inviting signal to the wider community that Ørestaden was a growing area with plenty of urban quality. 

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