Sønder Nissum Multi-Purpose

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Signe Moeslund Mains

Photo credit: Sønder Nissum Borger- og Idrætsforening

In 2011, Sdr. Nissum’s renovated multi-purpose hall was ready for use. In collaboration with COWI, The Danish Foundation for Culture and Sports Facilities and the local citizens, the architects behind the design, CEBRA architecture, managed to create more than just excellent conditions for sport activities.

The alteration has strengthened the multi-purpose hall as a local meeting point, integrated tourism in the local community and created local pride. Over a season, 80-90 % of the permanent residents use the multi-purpose hall, as do an increasing number of tourists and visitors from the neighbouring parishes. 

Economics & Health

After the alteration of the Sdr. Nissum Multi-Purpose Hall, a threefold increase in users is estimated. The most significant increase is seen within the age group 7-12 years and among seniors, which constitute the largest user group after the alteration, even though they were not previously active users of the hall. Over a season, 80 %-90 % of the permanent residents of Sdr. Nissum use the multi-purpose hall, plus an increasing number of tourists and citizens from the neighbouring parishes. Furthermore, a number of institutions from the local community have started to organise activities in and around the hall. The period from 2008 to 2013 saw an intensification in activities in the hall, with an increase of more than 50% in booked hours and the community centre is used 8-9 times more. This is shown by an evaluation of the multi-purpose hall made by DAMVAD in 2013. 

Branding & Quality of Life

According to the evaluation made by DAMVAD, the multi-purpose hall in Sdr. Nissum has become a town meeting point which makes the citizens of the town proud. People meet and organise sport and other local activities. The citizens find that the new facilities have widely improved communication between tourists and locals who now meet in the hall. Some tourists even return to certain holiday homes because they include access to the multi-purpose hall. 

Photo of Sønder Nissum Multi-Purpose Hall by CEBRA architecture. Photo credit: Sdr. Nissum Borger- og Idrætsforening.
Photo credit: Sdr. Nissum Borger- og Idrætsforening.

About the case

The Sdr. Nissum Multi-Purpose Hall was ready for use in 2011 after extensive alteration. Today, the hall has a cafe and meeting room and an entrance to the town’s local history archive. The hall also offers a gym directly connected to an outdoor courtyard and a combination of a squash court and performance stage. Moreover, the hall has a two-storey activity room, which can also be used as accommodation for tourists and clubs visiting the hall. The multi-purpose hall has become the pride of Sdr. Nissum and is more than generally known in the area and the neighbouring towns.

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