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Ulla Michael

Photo credit: BIG - Bjarke Ingels Group

In the district of Nørrebro in Copenhagen, Superkilen runs from Nørrebrogade over the Mimersgade neighbourhood to Tagensvej. Behind the project are Bjarke Ingels Group - BIG, the German landscape architectural firm Topotek1 and the Superflex artist group.

Together, Superkilen and the Green Cycle Route have transformed the area into a vibrant activity space and meeting area for local initiatives in outer Nørrebro which help create a positive focus on the qualities of the neighbourhood.


The residents in Nørrebro have helped design Superkilen. Trailblazers and citizens from the neighbourhood were given the opportunity to help select and install about 100 objects from all over the world. This initiative has helped strengthen the local sense of belonging to the urban space. This is illustrated in the 2014 documentary ‘Shishkebab’ by Hans Kragh-Jacobsen who followed the development in outer Nørrebro from the perspective of the citizens over seven years in connection with the construction of Superkilen and Mimersparken. 

Cyckling & Security

In 2014, the number of cyclists in the spot where Den Røde Plads joins Nørrebrogade was 8,000 a day. The combination of the green cycle route and the facilities of Superkilen has opened up the area and improved the sense of security of the citizens in the neighbourhood. In addition, four times as many children ride their own bicycles here as on the nearby Jagtvej. This is shown in a survey made by the City of Copenhagen in 2015.

Health & Accessibility

Superkilen has improved the possibilities of recreational activities, and an increase is seen in initiatives for local events, such as basketball tournaments, the ‘DAC run’ and ‘Roller disco’ which create increased positive focus on the area. According to an evaluation of the initiatives in outer Nørrebro made by the City of Copenhagen in 2012, about 7200 citizens participated in sports events held in Superkilen.

About the Case

Superkilen is a public park area in outer Nørrebro divided into three colour themes: Den Røde Plads (The Red Square), Den Sorte Plads (The Black Square) and Den Grønne Park (The Green Park). Here, more than 100 objects have either been reconstructed or directly imported from 60 different parts of the world, including a Japanese octopus slide, bicycle racks from Finland, palm trees from China and soil from Palestine.

Together, the various objects make Superkilen an urban gallery of global diversity. The urban activity space is designed in close collaboration between Superflex, Topotek1 and BIG which, together with citizens and trailblazers, have created an activity space and meeting area reflecting the diversity of the neighbourhood.

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