South Habour School

Updated 27.03.20 |
Signe Moeslund Mains

Photo credit: Torben Eskerod

At South Harbour School, all the floors have direct access to outdoor recreational areas, and these are also available to the public. Bringing the city into the school and taking the school out into the city creates a dynamic and multi-functional meeting place for the entire neighbourhood.

"Because the school’s outdoor areas are open and welcoming, many local residents use the school’s playgrounds, roof-top terraces and green areas. This means that new parents feel confident about the school long before sending their children there, and the school becomes their natural first choice." Morten Biering, School Manager, South Harbour School

The school at Copenhagen South Harbour has a floor space of 9,500 m2 and a total recreational area twice that size. The high ratio of recreational area not only benefits pupils but also local residents, who can enjoy the school’s areas during and after school hours. The new school has significantly increased the attraction value of the South Harbour district, particularly among young families. An automatic system ventilates the school every night, so that every school day starts with fresh air and a good indoor climate which raises everyone’s level of concentration.

There are playgrounds and active teaching spaces on all the building’s rooftops. The school’s architecture supports both learning processes and social development through pupils’ movement and encounters across classes. The striking school vitalises the surrounding urban space, and the school at Copenhagen South Harbour has already become a landmark building in and for the neighbourhood.