Brønshøj Parish House

Dato 08.12.22 |
Rikke Friis

Photo: Adam Mørk

Brønshøj's old church from 1186 has a new neighbour. The old parish center has been moved into a modern wooden building with a curved facade, a circus style that gives the building a very special look.

When Brønshøj was to have a new parish centre, the ambition was to create a climate-friendly building with low energy consumption. This resulted in solid wood elements (CLT) as construction and wood coverings with ash, which, among other things, helps to provide a good indoor climate.

"With the parish house, we wanted to be at the forefront of sustainable construction and therefore used CLT solid wood elements" Johannes M. Pedersen, NORD Architects

The house is used by both the parish council and the local scouts, and flexibility therefore became a key word for the architecture. Two of the house's halls are separated by a partition wall, which can easily be pushed aside as needed, so that the building can accommodate diverse activities. The choice of wood as the primary material has not only had an impact on the building's climate footprint: the wood, together with the characteristic circular shape of the facade, helps to give the house an inviting, warm and friendly atmosphere.

Photo of Brønshøj Parish House, Nord Architects