The Malt Factory

Dato 01.08.21 |
Rikke Friis

Photo: Jens Markus Lindhe

According to the municipality, since the transformation of the Malt Factory, the number of people settling here has increased. In other words, local enthusiasts have not only saved a 160-year-old, heritage factory building, but also reversed a trend and created new faith in Ebeltoft as a hometown for future generations.

Opened in 1861, the Malt Factory is an important part of Ebeltoft’s history. Generations of Ebeltoft inhabitants have walked past the Factory every day. In 1998, the last malt was shipped to breweries throughout the world. The factory then stood empty for 15 years, until some local enthusiasts decided to apply for money from various foundations and partnerships. This marked the start of the old factory’s transformation.  

The Malt Factory now houses countless facilities: for example, skating ramps, a library, artist residences, a restaurant, a music stage, offices and meeting rooms. This was a conscious choice. The aim was to create a meeting place for everyone. They wanted different users, who do not necessarily interact in everyday life, to meet. The result is a unique community, of which the Malt Factory is the centre, and where there is something for everyone.  

“This is our Malt Factory. It was about to be torn down, but we succeeded in preserving it. We bought smaller denomination shares together, purchased the Factory and turned it into a communal meeting place.” An Ebeltoft inhabitant, 2020

Photo from inside the malt factory