Livsrum Cancer Counselling Center

Updated 26.07.22 |
Signe Moeslund Mains

Photo credit: Quintin Lake

The Cancer Counselling Centre in Næstved is one out of seven centres launched by the Danish Cancer Society and Realdania under the project name ‘Livsrum’ (Lebensraum). The counselling centre in Næstved has been designed by EFFEKT Architects.

“However, renewed interest has been created in the work of the centre in connection with the construction of the new and very visible building [...]. We have had several thousand new cancer patients coming in after we moved to the new building.” Anette Rasmussen, Head of Counselling Centre in Næstved, Realdania 2015 

Daylight & Quality of Life

The Cancer Counselling Centre has been designed so that the changing daylight during the day is fully exploited in all rooms. According to Realdania, incoming light and views of green gardens have contributed to the experience of well-being and security among both patients and staff: 

From the outside, the house makes your curious, but on the inside, it is cosy and homey. Many are surprised by how gentle, warm and caring the atmosphere is. We often experience that cancer patients prefer to be here rather than at home, simply because they feel so at ease here.” Anette Rasmussen, Head of Counselling Centre in Næstved, Realdania 2015. 

Accessibility & Health

According to Realdania, the Cancer Counselling Centre’s distinctive design and visibility in front of the cancer ward at Næstved Hospital has meant that more cancer patients receive early help after being diagnosed. The centre has had several thousand new cancer patients coming in after moving to the new building.

Photo of Livsrum Cancer Counselling Center by EFFEKT Architects. Photo Credit: Thomas Ibsen.
Inside Livsrum Cancer Counselling Center. Photo credit: Thomas Ibsen

About the case

The Cancer Counselling Centre in Næstved is often called ‘The white house with the white roofs’. The building complex consists of a cluster of seven houses surrounded by courtyards. Particularly the incoming daylight and the green spaces have been focal points for the design of the centre together with a desire to create small, intimate spaces where patients and relatives get a feeling of security and home. The centre has a flexible design and offers ample opportunity of social interaction and various creative, meditative and physical activities. Despite being located between Næstved Hospital and a busy road, Livsrum Næstved offers a calm and warmth that can be felt by both cancer patients, their relatives and the staff. 

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