Dato 04.10.20 |
Anne Fjord Sørensen

Foto: Mangor & Nagel A/S

The combination of physical effort, demolition and a social housing effort has created a well-established and safe Maglehøj.

Maglehøj in Frederiksværk was built from 1970 to 1974 and is a time-typical industrialized assembly building. High cost of renting and problems finding renters to the apartments meant that in 2011 it was decided to reduce the number of apartments and thus tear down an entire block. This paved the way for a comprehensive plan with renovations.

The renovation was carried out in connection with the social housing efforts that Lejerbo initiated in collaboration with Halsnæs Municipality. An important initiative was the construction of a new communal house for the residents. The housing company, Boligsocialt Netværk in Halsnæs, the residents and their children, neighbors, real estate people, volunteer enthusiasts, Halsnæs Municipality and others have been important partners in the process.

"The activity center has clearly fostered a more centered volunteerism. It has NOT given a huge pile of adult volunteers, but it has created a new type of volunteers who are more oriented towards co-solutions of social challenges in the department," Mette Lund, social housing project, Lejerbo

The renewal is part of a holistic strategic urban development and has initiated a resident-driven "movement" which, as the project is fully realized in the coming years, will ensure a continued positive process. The renovation has meant a lower rent for the residents, and today there is a waiting list for the apartments.