Horbelev Kulturgård

Dato 08.12.22 |
Rikke Friis

Photo: Santiago de la Vega

In Horbelev, the town's old primary school has been joined by a new circular wooden building. The extension ties the four school buildings from the beginning of the 20th century together and transforms the disused school into a welcoming culture house for the city's citizens.

Locals in Horbelev on Falster dreamed of a modern and lively culture house where citizens of all ages could engage in each other's activities and meet for various association and sports events. With a new wooden extension, that wish came true, and the original school buildings were transformed into one open culture house. The original buildings from the old school have been preserved and are full of stories about the history of the place. The new extension ties the buildings together, and with its visible wooden construction, it ensures the house an inviting and warm atmosphere. In the middle, the new construction frames a large courtyard with a view of the house's many different activities.

"There is a need for more openness and more places to meet. That's why we came up with the motto: We want to see each other!” Locals in Horbelev

Today, the building has become an identity-giving gathering place and an important resource for the local community. There is space here for games, gymnastics, and creative activities, where citizens across generations meet and feel inspired by everything that happens in the house.

Horbelev Kulturgård, Werk Arkitekter