Novo Nordisk Nature Park

Updated 27.07.22 |
Signe Moeslund Mains

Photo credit: Torben Petersen

Lush nature, insects and dead trees adorn one of Denmark's most successful companies. Biodiversity is a general motif in the Novo Nordisk Nature Park, where employees can enjoy a whiff of fresh air among the trees and the gently winding paths.

When employees go to work in the morning at the Novo Nordisk head office in Bagsværd, they pass through a nature park beyond the usual. What used to be a dull parking area and industrial landscape, is now a nature-scape ripe with bird song. The footpaths meander through the park, weaving between trees. Insects are welcome, as is the deadwood left behind to make homes for creepy crawlies.

"It’s all about ensuring a good working environment, which, among other things, requires that employees can exercise at work. Employees can also appreciate the natural landscape from inside the office buildings, and in several places office desks have been placed to face the park", Kristina Lee, corporate vice president, Novo Nordisk

The nature park is on top of the underground car park and not only functions as a thoroughfare between the two main buildings, but also as an area where employees can take a mental break, hold outdoor meetings and drink in the nature. The park has more than 2,000 free-growing trees and other waterabsorbing vegetation, and it supports wildlife, plant life and urban life alike.

The park has minimum operating costs and moreover collects the rainwater that falls in the park area and runoff from the surrounding buildings. Thus, the landscape is resilient to climate change and provides added green value and significant financial savings.

Novo Nordisk Nature Park by SLA Architects. Photo credit: Torben Petersen