Campus Bornholm

Updated 27.07.22 |
Signe Moeslund Mains

Photo credit: Martin Schubert 

Campus Bornholm aims to secure local, highly skilled labour and play an important role for businesses by offering a broad range of opportunities for education and further training on the island of Bornholm. 

Rønne is home to Campus Bornholm, the island’s largest educational institution promoting a vision of knowledge. It’s all about ensuring the future of the island. Value should be created through realisation; because the alternative is that young islanders move to the mainland, draining the island of important brains for the local business community.

"The joining of schools, educational courses and programmes in a modern and future-proof campus makes it possible to preserve and develop more attractive educational offers, which, in turn, helps create opportunity for new cross-educational communities when paths cross in the large common areas.” Inge Prip, Director, Campus Bornholm

The new shared campus gathers all schools, educational courses and programmes into a single campus, thus creating an attractive, coherent and diverse learning environment in which resources can be shared across programmes, and where pupils, students and employees can meet and mingle on a daily basis. The young islanders have access to qualifying education, and, in the long term, this will result in highly skilled labour and an island population that still includes a large number of students.

The school is a good example of how to embrace learning environments in remote areas and work with social sustainability. 

Photo of Campus Bornholm by CUBO and NOVA5. Photo credit: Martin Schubert