Dato 04.10.20 |
Anne Fjord Sørensen

Photo: Jørgen True

370 public housing units in sections 19 & 22 have been transformed and renovated so that they now appear future-proof and up-to-date.

This is emphasized by Ole Nielsen, director of Himmerland Boligforening. He also says that the goal of the renovation i.a. has been that it should look like something people want to buy - and that the goal has been achieved. The conversion and renovation of 370 homes from 1977 has transformed Himmerland Boligforening into a welcoming and sustainable building with improved outdoor areas. The facades are clad in wood and decorated with large windows, french balconies, and bay windows, which give the homes significantly better lighting and view conditions. Some homes have been combined into larger apartments, while others have been extended upwards as modern penthouses on two floors with open spaces.

"With more working residents, the average business income since 2011 has increased monthly and before tax by 5.000 kroner in Kildeparken and 7.600 in Sundparken." BL - Danmarks Almene Boliger

The housing association has been transformed into a modern family-friendly townhouse building. Most homes on the ground floor are handicapped accessible and have their own patio and carport. A centrally located activity house serves as a gathering point for all the housing association's departments in the area. The house meets the energy requirements for 2020 with a very low energy consumption.

Photo: Ajs Nielsen