Alfred's House

Dato 02.01.23 |
Rikke Friis

Photo: CJ Arkitekter

A worn-down house at an attractive location in the Aarhus district of Trøjborg would make some consider tearing it down and building a new house. But the architectural conservation value of the funkis house won out, and the old house from 1934 has gone through a successful renovation and energy optimization.

Alfred's house was originally designed by Aarhus' former city architect, Alfred Mogensen. For 60 years, the building has functioned as a medical clinic, but after the conversion it now contains both a modern town house, a small guest unit and two smaller apartments.

"The old funkis house has been given a whole new life - and has a soul and authenticity that is hard to find in new houses." Gitte Vesterskov, builder, 2022

The main structure and the load-bearing structures of the old funkis house have been preserved. The original window frames have been restored, and the remodel is done in natural materials that are true to the history of the house and the original details. The home has been energy-optimized with, among other things, new insulation and energy-saving installations. By dividing the house into smaller units, energy consumption can be kept to a minimum for the benefit of both the climate and the homeowners' finances.

Photo of Alfred's House