Updated 27.07.22 |
Signe Moeslund Mains

Photo credit: BJERG Arkitektur 

Maximum reduction in the building’s energy costs, improvements to indoor climate and comfort. Energy renovation at Toftebo is a perfect example of how to climate-proof existing building stock.

"An important, exemplary project. Denmark wants to be independent of fossil fuels, and buildings are extremely energy-intensive. The Toftebo project demonstrates how it is possible to refurbish the existing building stock to the Passive House Standard within the context of non-profit housing". Panel of judges, Building of the Year 2017 (Residential)

Toftebo is a non-profit housing association consisting of 83 family homes in the form of 2-to-5-room flats. The renovation project is a perfect example of how a full-scale economic approach to renovation can result in significant societal saving in terms of carbon emissions and energy for heating.

The residents at Toftebo used to turn on their heating in September because of draughts and thermal discomfort, but after renovation, most residents wait until the beginning of December before turning on their heating. The renovation of Toftebo is based on the Passive House Standard, an ultra-low-energy concept, which prohibits the use of active heating and cooling systems to regulate indoor climate and comfort.

The benefits for residents and the landlord can be measured as a 93 % reduction in the building’s overall energy consumption and a more than 75 % reduction in energy consumption for heating the flats. By re-insulating the building envelope, replacing windows and installing efficient heat recovery, there is now fresh indoor air and up to 85 % heat recovery in the building.

Photo of Toftebo Housing.  Photo credit: BJERG Architecture
Toftebo after the renovation. Photo credit: BJERG Architecture