Nyt Rosenhøj

Dato 02.10.20 |
Anne Fjord Sørensen


Nyt Rosenhøj is a strong role model for a holistic and sustainable transformation of a previously exposed residential area. The physical and social revitalization has made it attractive to be a resident of Rosenhøj, created space for the good city life and led the area's development into a virtuous spiral.

Based on the vision of creating one unified district in Viby South, we have succeeded in creating a physical and social identity boost through the renewal of the residential area Rosenhøj. Through a wide range of social initiatives, and by varying the housing supply, improving the infrastructure with new residential streets and path systems, introducing new neighborhood divisions and identity-creating elements, we have succeeded in improving the area both economically, environmentally and socially.

The vision for the transformation of Rosenhøj also involves an energy future-proofing of the existing housing stock. In continuation of the work with identity-creating facades, the insulation properties of the climate screens have therefore been upgraded and old ventilation systems have been replaced with new ones. Today, up to 85-90% of the excess heat in the buildings is recycled, and Rosenhøj's total energy consumption has been reduced by 50%.

"The proportion of young people who do not have or are in education has fallen by 62% since 2013, the proportion of adults outside the labor market by 19% since 2006, the proportion of children outside leisure activities by 7.2% since 2011 and the proportion of recipients with health-related transfer income of 9.6% in the same number of years." Rosenhøjs Boligsociale Annual Report 2017, produced by Det Boligsociale Fællessekretariat

Landscaped neighborhood squares function as modern village squares, new balconies on the gables of existing buildings create natural surveillance and visual contact, and demolition of staircases in four of the old blocks creates a view of the neighboring neighborhoods.

Rosenhøj. Photo: Arkitema