Dato 12.12.22 |
Rikke Friis

Photo: Helene Høyer

The wooden building Eventyrhaven creates a safe environment for children in the nursery and kindergarten with space for play and learning. The house's architecture ensures plenty of daylight, an overview across the rooms and well-lit rooms, which create a connection between inside and outside. 

The curved children's house has an entrance from a safe courtyard with wooden facades in the middle of the building. Several of the common areas face the small courtyard, which makes the rooms screened off and quiet. Group rooms and cloakrooms are oriented towards a large playground that surrounds the building, and large windows with sloped ceilings make the rooms open to the outside area. The house is built with a load-bearing wooden structure, which means that there are fewer thermal bridges than with alternative materials, and the house ensures a healthy indoor climate. 

"Eventyrhaven fulfills the requirements for how a modern and adventurous children's home should be - I almost wish myself back to the days of the kindergarten" Kim Sunesen, chairman of the Family and Education Committee, 2020 

The landscape around Eventyrhaven is furnished with play areas and varied nature. The small courtyard at the entrance has a colored surface with small hills, indentations, and trampolines. In the middle of the courtyard, a large, round wooden deck forms a gathering place for the children. The area on the other side of the house creates space for various activities: trees and bushes give the children the opportunity to go on their own adventures in nature, while an orchard invites calm and reflection. 

Eventyrhaven, NOVA5