Transformation of Stærmose Villa

Dato 30.12.22 |
Rikke Friis

Photo: Steffen Stamp

The yellow brick villa from 1961 was originally designed by architect Jørgen Stærmose. The villa had an extension back in 1981, and in 2021 there was again a need to adapt the home. 

With the latest renovation of Stærmose Villa, energy optimization became an important design parameter. The house has been re-insulated, and new low-energy windows have been added to save on heat consumption and achieve a more climate-friendly home. 

"The goal of the remodeling was to make the house appear as a unified whole that could have been built at once." Jan Smidt Andreasen, A1 Tegnestue 

With the transformation, it was also a great desire from the client to create a better connection between the extension from 1981 and Stærmose's original lines. The layout of the remodeled home therefore takes its starting point from the original proportions from 1961, which have been adapted to a modern style and the needs of the homeowners. 

The villa has been rebuilt with beautiful, recycled stone, which matches the old yellow tiles. The original cabinets from 1961 have been restored and reused. The material choices are generally characterized by quality-conscious and climate-friendly choices with respect for the old 60s home. 

Photo of Stærmose Villa