Climate Change Adaptation, Kokkedal

Updated 20.03.20 |
Signe Moeslund Mains

Photo credit: Carsten Ingemann

In the city of Kokkedal, urban renewal and adapting to climate change go hand in hand. The project consists of 38 sub-projects, and it is the result of a unique collaboration, backing and commitment across specialist groups.

In 2007 and 2010, Fredensborg Municipality experienced several cloud - bursts and suffered extensive damage along the Usserød Å watercourse, with massive repair costs. As a counter measure, the municipality now has one of Denmark’s most ambitious climate change adaptation projects. Across municipal and local cadastral borders, stormwater management has been coupled with other functions such as play, art and nature.

"The Climate Change Adaptation Project in Kokkedal is a showpiece of intensive collaboration across ownership and professional groups. The project is unique, in that it was able to manage urban development of this magnitude by combining climate solutions and social activities.", Thomas Lykke Pedersen, Mayor of Fredensborg Municipality

Using a holistic approach to climate change adaptation in the city of Kokkedal, Schønherr has rendered stormwater management visible and has created recreational sites, including natural playgrounds, exercise tracks and green gardens, for locals and visitors. Detention basins and rainwater reservoirs have become attractive urban spaces. For example, Bølgepladsen (wave square) collects rainwater but can also be used for basket ball, skateboarding, parkour, etc. and it is being used 220 % more than before.

The overarching project is unique in that it involves collaboration between organisations, associations, architects, engineers and politicians, who normally do not collaborate.

Photo of Climate Change Adaptation, Kokkedal by Schønherr. Photo credit: Carsten Ingemann