University of Southern Denmark – Campus Kolding

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Karen Sejr

Photo credit: Jens Markus Lindhe

Campus Kolding is the home of the University of Southern Denmark’s department of language, culture and design. The educational institution is situated in central Kolding close to the harbour and the railway station and the nearby institutions Kolding Designskole and International Business College Kolding, facing Kolding Å. Behind the design is Henning Larsen Architects.

75-80 % of the energy consumption of a building is locked already in the early design phases. All energy-optimising initiatives at Campus Kolding have therefore been decisive design factors throughout the design process and have made the building the first low-energy university to meet the requirements of Energy Class 1.

Energy Optimization & Indoor Climate

According to the Danish Building and Property Agency, SDU Campus Kolding is the first Energy Class 1 educational building. The building uses 38 kWh/m2/year, equivalent to 20-25 % less energy than similar buildings of the same function and size. The low energy consumption can, among other things, be ascribed to 400 m2 of photovoltaic cells, use of groundwater for temperature regulation and a minimal need for lighting thanks to the intelligent facade design.

The shape and structure of the building are designed with a view to optimising the passive characteristics of the building. For example, the building is rotated, ensuring maximum inflow of daylight through all facades, and the atrium of the building is used for natural ventilation and night cooling.

At SDU Campus Kolding, daylight and indoor climate is controlled via 1600 triangular, automatically adjustable steel shutters. The adjustable facade gives the building a dynamic look and helps ensure optimum daylight and a comfortable indoor climate.

Knowledge Sharing & Cohesion

Each floor level of SDU Campus Kolding is organised to promote knowledge sharing and social interaction across all departments. Therefore, ‘cross fields’ have been established between teachers, researchers and students on the different floor levels. According to Henning Larsen Architects, this has strengthened the sense of community and cohesion among the various users of the educational institution.

Photo of University of Southern Denmark – Campus Kolding by Henning Larsen Architects. Photo credit: Hufton Crow
Photo credit: Hufton Crow

About the Case

Campus Kolding is shaped as a triangle and has dynamic facade consisting of mobile steel triangles which ensure optimum inflow of daylight and a comfortable indoor climate. Campus Kolding has five floors with an atrium in the centre where stairs and hallways blend and create a dynamic work and study environment. SDU Campus Kolding has become Kolding’s new sustainable landmark and has won great acclaim in both Denmark and abroad for the amalgamation of spectacular architecture and intelligent energy design.

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