Hotel Ottilia

Dato 01.08.21 |
Rikke Friis

Photo: Jens Markus Lindhe

Two of the most characteristic buildings in the Carlsberg City District, “Maltmagasinet" and the listed "Lagerkælder 3" today provide the settings for Hotel Ottilia after a far-reaching transformation.

"Maltmagasinet" and "Lagerkælder 3" with the iconic, golden shields on its facade are located in the heart of the Carlsberg City District. People used to brew beer and store malt for the old Carlsberg breweries in the old buildings. However, today these historic buildings have been given a new lease of life and now house a luxurious design hotel.

Even though they do no longer brew beer in the building it is still full of brewery historic details and traces. The new Hotel Ottilia reflects the history and original character of the brewery, telling a story of the buildings’ previous use.

“It is important to take care of the old, listed buildings as they are a part of our history. When all the new buildings are build in the Carlsberg area, the old buildings will still constitute 15% of all the buildings here” The Carlsberg City District

Today Carlsberg is an independent urban district with public features that attract countless visitors. Among the modern, new buildings are listed, heritage buildings that are testimonies of the past. The old industrial buildings have been put to new use, while their atmosphere and historic spirit have been retained. 

Photo of facade