Taasinge Square

Updated 01.04.20 |
Signe Moeslund Mains

Photo credit: Steven Achiam

World-class climate adaptation. Directly inspired from Taasinge Square, New York City is hoping to save $ 4 billion DKK by incorporating similar climate adaptation strategies.

Tåsinge Square was Copenhagen’s first climate-adapted urban space, and as part of the climate-resilient neighbourhood of Østerbro, it has attracted international focus on Danish visions and climate strategies. The project is being evaluated at research level, and it shows how we can future-proof our common areas through improving urban spaces. 

"If the City of Copenhagen were to expand the sewer system to solve the cloudburst problem, it would cost us up to DKK 25 bn. Now we’ve invested in much more beautiful blue and green solutions that will cost us only DKK 6-7 billon over the next 15 years or so", Morten Kabell, Former Mayor for the Technical and Environmental Administration at the City of Copenhagen

Taasinge Square serves as a green oasis in the city and a meeting point for the local community, while large amounts of rainwater are being managed beneath the square. What used to be 1,000m 2 of unused paved area has been turned into a public, urban natural area; a wildlife oasis supporting biodiversity and detaining and collecting rainwater from roads and rooftops.

The urban space encourages activity, play and learning. Landmark sculptures of water parasols and water droplets adorn the square, where water can be pumped up onto the surface and used for play, after which it will seep out into the surrounding green areas.

Photo of Taasinge Square by GHB Landscape Architects. Photo credit: Steven Achiam