Fredensborg School Vilhelmsro

Updated 26.07.22 |
Signe Moeslund Mains

Photo credit: Adam Mørk

Fredensborg School Vilhelmsro is located between suburbia and the surrounding landscape. The school is a shining example of climate-resilient architecture.

"Green outdoor spaces help make the workday more satisfying and less stressful. The view of the green areas alone generates more wellbeing and reduces stress", Lene Lottrup, Landscape architect, Uderum & Arbejdsliv (outdoor spaces and work life), PhD dissertation, 2012 

The Municipality of Fredensborg is a ‘climate municipality’ and therefore wanted the school at Vilhelmsro to be a sustainable example and environ - mental role model for future school building projects.

The project integrates several climate-friendly solutions, such as green roofs, geothermal heating and local rainwater management. The rainwater is collected and led into a newly established retention pond.

Today, the fauna and flora around the pond have become an integral part of the school’s outdoor learning spaces. The school is located amidst natural surroundings, and the transition between inside and outside makes for flexible teaching environments and resting areas. The buildings are connected via skywalks at first-floor level, allowing the local community to pass through the school’s areas and use its recreational landscape.

Photo of Fredensborg School Vilhelmsro by Rubow Architects. Photo credit: Rune Johansen.
Photo credit: Rune Johansen

The natural landscape around the school has been left to grow and develop freely, and it sustains the learning environment with a rich animal and plant life that can be incorporated in teaching. The close vicinity of the surrounding landscape provides a break from everyday life, reduces stress levels in pupils and teachers, and promotes wellbeing, exercise and healthy behaviour.

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