Samuel's House

Dato 01.08.21 |
Rikke Friis

Photo:Viktor Funch Beck

No two homes are alike. Samuel’s House consists of 32 one-room homes with unique spatial variations. The presence of the church and the historic building join forces with new form and function.

In 2013, the City of Copenhagen decided to close six of the city’s churches. One of those churches was Samuel’s Church in Nørrebro. The church has since undergone a transformation: the first of its kind in the history of Denmark. It has been converted from an old church into modern public housing.  

The project has benefited a number of young students who can now live in Samuel’s House, paying rents between DKK 4,886 and DKK 5,795 per month. In 2019, in Copenhagen alone, there was a shortage of 8,400 homes for students. That is why in many ways it made sense to convert buildings that were no longer used for their original purpose: for example, to student housing. As part of the ‘church-to-house’ process, doors, windows and bricks were all recycled. In terms of sustainability, this was advantageous, given the savings on resources when you do not have to break down and dispose of materials. 

The transformation of the old building has led to a resurgence of life, both in the actual building and in the neighbourhood.

“The reaction of our friends who come to visit us and of the postman is ‘Wow! Can people live here?’” Victor, resident

Photo of an apartment