Østre Hougvej

Dato 03.10.20 |
Anne Fjord Sørensen

Photo: AI Arkitekter & Ingeniører 

A renovation of a youth housing complex has resulted in more daylight, a cohesive economy and greater well-being among the residents.

The renovation of the youth housing on Østre Hougvej from 2015-2017 is a really good example of how a housing department with a bad reputation, vandalism, neighbor complaints and an occupancy rate of only about 50% with poor finances as a result, with a radical change of identity, can become a well-functioning student housing with full occupancy, a economy in order and students who thrive in their renovated housing. The housing department has undergone a radical change of identity, which involves post-insulation of facades and the establishment of new swallow passages and stairways, where the dormitories can see and meet each other. However, it is not only the facade of the building that has been transformed. The interior has also been rebuilt, which means, among other things, that eight of the homes have been converted into accessible homes.

"... as in so many general home renovations, it has been a challenge to make the economy last. Both the owner and the architects therefore deserve an extra praise for having prioritized a number of qualitative architectural solutions, and kept it simple and at the same time ambitious architectural grips. It has simply gone well." Middelfart Municipality, Architecture Award 2018

The new homes on Østre Hougvej are an example of how architecture can create change. Where before there was a youth housing complex with empty tenancies and social problems, today there is an attractive dormitory, which is characterized by good quality, well-lit rooms and well-utilized square meters. Together, this creates a safe environment for the residents at Østre Hougvej.

Østre Hougvej by AI Arkitekter og Ingeniører