Lindevangsparken and The Loop

Updated 20.03.20 |
Ulla Michael

Photo credit: Torben Petersen

In 2011, Frederiksberg, south of Lindevangsparken, experienced a heavy cloudburst that caused damaging flooding. Since the frequency of extreme rain events will increase in future, a project was launched in the existing park in western Frederiksberg, Lindevangsparken, and at the square by Peter Bangsvej, The Loop. Marianne Levinsen Landscape ApS and Niras A/S were consultants on this project.

“The project shows how an innovative approach allows us to keep the water above ground. In this way, the park is given new values, and The Loop becomes a new attractive urban space instead of just sending the water into the sewers. It is both cheaper and better for society.” Katrine Rafn, head of department at the Danish Nature Agency, VANDPLUS 2015


According to the VANDPLUS secretariat, it would have cost Frederiksberg Forsyning DKK 51 million if a conventional, underground facility without recreational areas had to be established in Lindevandsparken and The Loop. The total cost of the cooperation between the utility company and the City of Frederiksberg has been DKK 34 million, including the costs of establishing the recreational elements, since the facility lies above ground.

Compared to the construction of a conventional, underground facility for draining off rainwater, DKK 17 million have been saved by Frederiksberg Forsyning and the City of Frederiksberg cooperating. The residents in Frederiksberg have thus both saved money and now have a state-of-the art park offering a brand new urban space. 

Learning & Rainwater Management

Lindevangsparken was opened up, and new opportunities for use and activity in connection with The Loop have turned the area into an early fix point for community, movement and learning for both the local childcare institutions and residents.

According to the VANDPLUS secretariat, the facility has a total rainwater volume of 1,850 m3 in ‘Grøften’ towards the east and 1,600 m3 in the low-laying area, ‘Scenen’, which is also used for ice skating during winter and teaching during summer. The Loop square has a total rainwater volume of 700 m3 divided between an underground basin and the surface.

Photo of Lindevangsparken and The Loop by Marianne Levinsen Landscape ApS. Photo credit: Torben Petersen.
Photo credit: Torben Petersen

About the Case

The project at Lindevangsparken and The Loop square on Frederiksberg is a pilot project supported by VANDPLUS, Realdania, the Danish Foundation for Culture and Sports Facilities and the Danish Nature Agency. All measures have been designed to combine climate adaptation solutions with new activities and experiences in the park that focus particularly on offering facilities for children and young people.

Today, the park features a learning environment for students where they can be taught outside, a stage for informal sports activities, music and theatre as well as a new communal urban garden with 1,000 blackcurrant bushes and fruit trees.

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