Erlev School

Dato 12.12.22 |
Rikke Friis

Photo: Niels Nygaard

When Haderslev Municipality was to have a new primary school, the vision was to create something completely different from what we know. Here they dreamed of a modern learning environment with space for activity-based teaching. Erlev's new school is built in wood based on an uncompromising desire for climate-friendly construction with inclusive learning frameworks. 

Erlev School in Haderslev thus became Denmark's first wooden primary school. The load-bearing wooden construction consists of a grid structure with visible wooden columns, which form a framework for the school's facilities both inside and outside. The tree is also an important part of the school's visual expression. The material speaks to the intimate scale, which creates a safe and homely atmosphere for students and teachers. 

"This building can do something in relation to pedagogy, it can do something spacious and inclusive in more than one sense. Happy, lucky and privileged are we who walk in the school every day." Karsten Jessen, former headmaster at Erlev School 

The school's architecture challenges the physical environment for the learning space of the future. In order to give children the opportunity to develop individually, the building is not equipped with traditional classrooms. At Erlev Skole, they have instead been replaced by atypical teaching rooms and activity zones that support the school's educational values of activity-based learning. 

Erlev Skole, Arkitema