Quality Management

A system for quality management should serve as a tool that ensures a consistent high level of quality throughout your company – from visions, organisation, hiring of employees to handover of projects. So it is not just about QC and review memos – because everything in your company is connected!

An overall system can be used to define and structure activities in a uniform manner in all phases and to ensure that projects are executed and documented in the same way throughout the company. The system helps control that the work has been carried out with the correct level of technical expertise and in accordance with the agreement concluded between your company and the client. 

Consistent quality control and documentation give the client peace of mind and certainty for your business in case of changes that affect an ongoing project.


Quality Management

Everything is connected

‘Everything is connected’ is our guide to developing your own quality management system. Unfortunately our guide is currently only in Danish – if you have questions or are interested in hearing more, please do reach out!

The guide is based on your company – everything that is your company. In order to be able to deliver quality to your client, it is paramount that you understand the many crucial processes leading up to the actual project.

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