Yes, strategy has something to do with quality management. Firstly, it is about determining why you exist at all and what you have to offer. Only then can you define your organisation and the way in which you work and the projects you should aim for!

Strategy is the determination of who you are, what you want – what you do not want – and how to get to the exact place where you want to be.

Strategy is your self-reflection in relation to the world – the surrounding world in relation to you.

The thing you can offer, that no one else can. What your ‘Achilles heel’ is. Where the world is screaming just for you. And where it creeps in on you and becomes a beast.

In short, a strategy is like a roof on a building that reaches up and out towards the world, while also limiting your reach.

We recommend that you develop a road map at the strategy level that is updated at least once a year. The Road Map is an internal document that outlines the direction for your company’s activities and should include four sections: Status, Vision & Goals, Improvement and Stakeholders.