Small country – big architecture

Updated 05.04.20

Despite the country’s modest size, Denmark has made significant impressions worldwide. Some of the world’s most notable buildings are designed by Danish architects: Utzon’s Sydney Opera House, Reykjavik’s Harpa concert hall, by Henning Larsen Architects, or BIG - Bjarke Ingels Group’s many iconic buildings around the planet.

Human centred

Danish architects are known for a simple Nordic style, but also for their incorporation of building users. For example, Danish architects consider who building dwellers or workers might be, how a good indoor environment for a school can be created, or how to produce the right lighting conditions. 

Sustainable architecture

The human is at the centre. And, the same can be said about sustainability. Energy awareness among Danish architects dates back, but has intensified in recent years as the consequences of climate change have become more apparent. 

Denmark has been a laboratory for sustainable urban development for many years. As the Danish sustainability agenda broadens, Danish architectural firms have stood at the ready to make a significant contribution towards the advancement of sustainability in a global scale.

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8-House by BIG, Bjarke Ingels Group in Copenhagen. The 8-House consists of 475 units of various sizes and layouts, designed to meet the needs of people at all of life’s stages. Photo: Jens Markus Lindhe