Danish Association of Architectural Firms

Updated 24.03.20

Danish Association of Architectural Firms is an organization of private firms of consulting architects. Our objective is to represent commercial interests of practicing architects and to strengthen their position and improve the quality level and professionalism of Danish architectural firms. 

Who do we represent?

Our members are private firms of consulting architects that are charged with architectural assignments. One of the conditions for our members is that the management of each company is headed by at least one person who has worked as a full time architect for a minimum period of five years, including two years as a self- employed person or as executive officer.

These persons at the senior executive level usually have an educational background from the National schools of architects or Polytechnics (MS. Level).

Seeking Employment? We seldom have job openings at the Danish Association of Architectural Firms. If you are looking for a job or apprenticeship in a Danish architectural firm please contact our members directly.

See a complete list of our members

“Danish Association of Architectural Firms handle the members interest in relation to the Government and Parliament. We represent their views in public hearings for instance within rules on procurement, ICT, skills and business development."

Danish Association of Architectural Firms is a member of the Confederation of Danish Industry (DI) and DI negotiate the general agreements on pay and working conditions for the staff employed by our members. At the international level we are active in the Architects Council in Europe (ACE), and we work closely  with the other four Nordic organizations.

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Our members divided after sizes, based on amount of employees, 2016.