Consultancy Standards

The Danish Association of Architectural Firms has prepared a number of descriptions, forms and paradigms which have in most cases become the standards in the building and construction industry. We recommend that you use these as the basis when you make agreements with clients and any business partners.

If you do not find what you are looking for, please do not hesitate to contact the secretariat of the Danish Association of Architectural Firms. Our legal advisers are always ready to help you.

General Conditions for Consultancy

The General Conditions for Consultancy – ABR provide the general agreement terms which apply to the relationship between a consultant and its customer.

The scope of General Conditions for Consultancy - ABR is consultancy and assistance within the field of civil and engineering works and it is typically used in connection with split consultancy, full-service consultancy and in turnkey contracts between the turnkey contractor and the consultant etc. It is also recommended to use ABR as the basis of agreements between a full-service consultancy and its sub-consultant(s).

ABR18 is mainly suitable for agreements concerning large and/or more complex consultancy tasks, whereas ‘Abridged General Conditions for Consultancy Services and Assistance for Building and Construction Works' is aimed at consultancy services in minor building projects and tasks where no client consultancy is to be included.

General conditions for consultancy services for building and construction works (ABR 18)
Abridged general conditions for consultancy services for building and construction works (ABR Abridged)