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Do you need proof of employment for an employee covered by a collective agreement, or do you need interns from outside the EU? In the following, you can get information about the collective agreements, supplementary training, etc. of the architectural industry.

We have gathered some of the key documents, guidelines and rules that you need when dealing with HR law.

The Confederation of Danish Industry (DI) helps our members and handles your staff and collective agreement issues. Danish architectural firms must be a member of DI when they have employees.

If you need information about staff, employment and HR, you can contact DI.

Collective Agreements

Most employees of the members of the Danish Association of Architectural Firms are covered by one of the collective agreements concluded with the Danish Union of Architects and Designers (FAOD), the Danish academic trade union representing students and post-graduates in the fields of nature, environment and food science (JA), the Danish Association of Constructing Architects (KF) and The Danish Association of Professional Technicians (TL).

The employees include architects, landscape architects, constructing architects and technical designers. Interns are not a part of the collective agreement.

The collective agreements regulate most terms and conditions that apply to the employment relationship between the employer and the employee. This applies to e.g. rules on pay, pension, supplementary training and seniority.

The employees are covered by three different collective agreements.

The collective agreement with FAOD and JA is translated into English and comprises:

a) Academic architects with a master’s degree from either the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts (KADK)
or the Aarhus School of Architecture (cand.arch.)

b) Architects whose academic degrees from educational institutions in other EU member states meet the
requirements on mutual recognition of examination certificates in accordance with EU Directive
2005/36/EC with later amendments

c) Architects who, without meeting the conditions of letter a or b, have been accepted as members of the
Danish Architects’ Association before April 1, 2005

d) Landscape architects with a master’s degree from the University of Copenhagen’s Faculty of Science
(KU-SCIENCE) and corresponding degrees from Norway and Sweden

e) Civil engineers (M.Sc.) in architecture and design (cand.polyt. and cand.scient.techn.) from Aalborg
University (AAU)

f) Designers with a Danish master’s degree

See the Collective Agreement below.

The Collective Agreement for Architects 2020-2023