Architect - document your value creation

This book is an introduction to how architecture creates value for clients, users and societies and a guide to how you can create and document value as an architect.

How does architecture creates value? What kinds of value, how and for whom?

The book is based on the experience from our ‘Architecture Creates Value’ project, wherein we presented more than 75 well-documented cases of built projects creating value. The project made evident that the design of places and buildings is making a profound impact. Architecture can provide solutions that enable social, environmental and economic benefits and improve the management of resources and environmental impacts.

The pressures on resources and environment must be addressed urgently to ensure the social and cultural progress of societies worldwide. Does your project contribute locally to the 17 sustainable development goals of the United Nations? You can use the methods in this book to assess how you are doing.

We need art, facts and knowledge to improve solutions for the generations to come.

Architect - document your value creation